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Egypt Hydrography

According to localcollegeexplorer, the climatic conditions of Egypt are not such as to allow the formation of perennial streams. The Nile, the only river that crosses the country, is not fed by the rains that have fallen locally but draws its waters from the great lakes of central Africa and from the mountains of Ethiopia,… Read More »

Egypt Economic Conditions in the 1950’s

The economic and social policy of the regime established in 1952 is defined by the government as the tendency to build “a socialist, democratic and cooperative society”. To contribute to the development of the economy, a Permanent National Productivity Council was created in 1952 and various measures were adopted since then, starting with the agrarian… Read More »

Egypt Overview

Official language Arabic Capital Cairo Form of government Presidential Republic Area 1,001,450 km² Residents 81,700,000 Currency Egyptian pound Time zone UTC +2 License plate ET Internet TLD .eg Telephone area code 0020 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the far northeast of Africa, the Sinai Peninsula belonging to the country… Read More »