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Dominican Republic During Spanish Colonization

Christopher Columbus reached the island on 5 of December of 1492 berthing on the north coast and baptizing with the name of the Spanish. [2] As the exploration of the north coast continued, the caravel Santa María ran aground on a sandbar; With the remains of the ship, the Fort of La Navidad was built. Then Columbus ordered to return to Spain, leaving a garrison of 39… Read More »

Dominican Republic History and Politics

The first residents The island of Hispaniola, on which the Dominican Republic is located, was settled for the first time by Saladoids from South America. Around the year 650 a second wave of immigrants came to the island with the Taino from the Arawak people. The Taino divided the island into five chiefdoms. Each was… Read More »

Dominican Republic Overview

Official language Spanish Capital Santo Domingo Form of government Presidential Democracy Area 48,700 km² Residents 8,750,000 Currency Dominican peso Time zone UTC -4 License Plate DOM Internet TLD .do Telephone area code 001 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Dominican Republic (Spanish: Rep¨²blica Dominicana) is located in the Greater Antilles in the area of ​​the West Indies… Read More »