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The state of Delaware is the second smallest of the United States in terms of area. It is located on the approximately 300 km long Delmarva Peninsula on the east coast of the USA. Its capital is Dover with around 36,000 inhabitants. The largest city in the state, on the other hand, is Wilmington with around 71,000 inhabitants. The highest elevation is the Ebright Azimuth at 137 meters . Delaware is also one of the Thirteen Colonies and was the first state to recognize the US Constitution in 1787. That's why Delaware is also called The First State, designated. Because there are special tax advantages for companies in Delaware, numerous companies in the USA are based in Delaware. There's a building in Wilmington called the Corporation Trust Center, which is home to almost 300,000 corporations. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Delaware.

The Climate of Delaware

According to Abbreviation Finder, Delaware (DE) is one of the United States. Delaware is located on the east coast of the US and borders the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The eastern part of Delaware is entirely waterfront: in the north on the Delaware River, which immediately forms the border between Delaware and… Read More »

Delaware History Timeline

Long before European settlers arrived, it was the ancestral homeland of many Algonquian Indian tribes. All would eventually lose their lands and those who survived the brutality of colonial expansion fled west over the Alleghenies. The earliest explorations of the coastal zone were organized by the Dutch, the Portuguese and the Spanish. In 1609, unsuccessfully… Read More »