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Check internetsailors for Cuba in 2011.

Cuba Brief History

According to Areacodesexplorer, Cuba is despite its unacceptable political system, its great poverty and worn environment, and in many places beautiful nature, a country well worth visiting Many Cubans live in very cramped conditions and struggle hard for their daily existence. The scarce financial resources force many women to prostitute themselves despite the fact that… Read More »

Cuba without Castro Part II

Raúl Castro opened up the economy further when he took over after big brother Fidel, who became ill in 2006 and died in 2016. Cuba had not been able to secure enough income to maintain the level of welfare, and it therefore began to decline, like the country’s buildings. All still had access to health… Read More »

Cuba without Castro Part I

The brothers Raúl and Fidel Castro have ruled the communist country of Cuba for over half a century. Now a political generational change is underway. How did Cuba become the country we know it today? What role did Cuba play during the Cold War? What is the human rights situation like in Cuba? And what… Read More »

Cuba Overview

Official language Spanish Capital Havana Form of government Socialist one-party state Area 110,861 km² Residents 11,350,000 Currency Cuban Peso (CUP) and Convertible Peso (CUC) Time zone UTC -5, summer time UTC-4 License Plate C. Internet TLD .cu Telephone area code 0053 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Cuba (Rep¨²blica de Cuba) lies at the entrance… Read More »