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Costa Rica Economy and Culture

(República de Costa Rica). State of Central America (51,102 km²). Capital: San José. Administrative division: provinces (7). Population: 4,381,987 (2008 estimate). Language: Spanish. Religion: Catholics 88%, others 4%. Monetary unit: colón (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.847 (50th place). Borders: Nicaragua (N), Antillean Sea (NE), Panama (SE), Pacific Ocean (SW and W). Member of: OAS,… Read More »

Costa Rica Overview

Official language Spanish Capital San Jose Form of government Presidential Republic Area 51,100 km² Residents 4,727,000 Currency Costa Rica Colon Time zone UTC −6 License Plate CR Internet TLD .cr Telephone area code 00506 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) The Rep¨²blica de Costa Rica, the official Spanish name, is located in Central America. It has two neighboring countries:… Read More »