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Qinghai, China

Qinghai is the largest salt lake in China. It is located in the province of the same name, about 150 km from its administrative center – the city of Xining. This lake is often called the sea, but not only because of the impressive size of the reservoir. The waters of Qinghai have a unique… Read More »

Provinces in South China

Guizhou Guizhou [gwe ɪ d ʒ ɔ u], K Weichow, Kweitschou, province in southwest China , 174,000 km 2, (2010) 34.7 million residents, including national minorities such as Miao, Yao, Bai, Tujia, Buyei, Dong and others, which make up around 36% of the population; The capital is Guiyang. The province comprises a high plateau crossed… Read More »

China History Timeline

According to ehistorylib.com, China (official name: People’s Republic of China) is the largest country in East Asia and the fourth largest country in the world ( Russia, Canada and the United States are larger). With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, which is approx. one-fifth of the earth’s population, it is the world’s… Read More »

China Domestic Problems

The Chinese one-child policy For a long time since 1979, each married couple in China was only allowed to have one child. A law that interferes with people’s private lives. A big problem is now that there are many more men than women in China and that many men can no longer find a wife.… Read More »

China Economy

Natural resources China is very rich in natural resources. Bituminous coal, lead, iron ore, zinc and oil are mined, gold and diamonds are mined. There are also tin, copper and natural gas deposits in China. But electricity has to be introduced because China cannot completely supply itself with energy. Despite great efforts to expand hydropower… Read More »

China Everyday Life

How do you live in China? The more than 1.3 billion Chinese need living space and that is scarce in China, especially in the big cities. That is why many houses are being built in China, especially high-rise buildings. Unfortunately, these new buildings often fall victim to old districts. Despite the new buildings, many Chinese… Read More »

China Foods

Chinese cuisine The Chinese eat with chopsticks or use a porcelain spoon for their popular soup. Important foods are rice and wheat, corn and millet, but also legumes and sweet potatoes. A cereal porridge is often eaten for breakfast. Rice or fried wheat flatbreads and pasta are not missing from any meal. There are also… Read More »

China Recent History

The Republic of China In 1895, China suffered a defeat against Japan in the Sino-Japanese War. The population suffered, revolts broke out and the empire was increasingly questioned. Attempts were made to put a stop to these counter-movements, but they did not succeed in the long run. The Quing dynasty was very weak at the… Read More »

China Overview

Official language Standard Chinese (Mandarin) Capital Beijing Form of government People’s Republic Area 9,572,900 km² Residents 1.33 billion Currency yuan Time zone UTC + 8 = CET + 7 License plate ¡¡ Internet TLD .cn Telephone area code 0086 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The People’s Republic of China occupies a large part of Central and East… Read More »