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Cambodia Country Overview

(Preǎhréachéanachâkr Kâmpǔchéa). State of Southeast Asia (181,035 km²). Capital: Phnom Penh. Administrative division: provinces (20), municipalities (4). Population: 16.069.921 residents (2018 estimate). Language: Khmer (official), French. Religion: Buddhists 93%, Muslims 4%, Christians 2% others 1%. Monetary unit: riel (100 sen). Human Development Index: 0.582 (146th place). Borders: Laos (N), Thailand (N and W), Viet Nam… Read More »

Cambodia Animals and Plants

Animal Cambodia! More than 212 species of mammals live in Cambodia. This also includes animal species such as tigers, elephants, bears, rhinos and leopards. 720 species of birds feel at home in the forests of Cambodia and, as in many countries in Southeast Asia, butterflies show themselves in a wonderful variety in bright colors and… Read More »

Cambodia Economy

Marked by history Although there are now fewer poor people in Cambodia than there were ten years ago and the country’s economy is growing, Cambodia is still one of the “less developed countries” (HDI). The consequences of the Vietnam War, the rule of the Khmer Rouge and the many civil wars can still be felt… Read More »

Cambodia Problems

The land of young people If you walk the streets of Cambodia, you may notice that there are a lot of young people walking around here – even more than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. You rarely see old people. Why is that actually? Are the people in Cambodia not getting that old? Or do… Read More »

Cambodia Overview

Official language Khmer Capital Phnom Penh Form of government Constitutional monarchy Area 181.035 km² Residents 13,610,000 Currency Riel Time zone UTC + 7h License plate K Internet TLD .kh Telephone area code 00855 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography With an area of ​​181,035 km², the Kingdom of Cambodia is the smallest country in Indochina. The country borders… Read More »