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Burkina Faso History

In the area, which has been inhabited since prehistoric times, emerged in the 11th / 12th centuries. In the 19th century the Mosi kingdoms Tenkodogo, Yatenga, Gurma and Ouagadougou (Wagadugu), whose god-kingship based on African traditions (ruler title: Moro Naba) prevented their Islamization, although some Nabas became Muslims. Thanks to their military strength, the kingdoms… Read More »

Burkina Faso Overview

Official language French Capital Ouagadougou Form of government Presidential Republic Area 274,200 km² Residents 13,930,000 Currency CFA Franc Time zone UTC License plate BF Internet TLD .bf Telephone area code 00226 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The R¨¦publique D¨¦mocratique du Burkina Faso (until 1983 Obervolta) is a landlocked country in West Africa and borders on Mali in… Read More »