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Brazil Constitutional, Administrative and Judicial System

The Brazilian nation has adopted the form of government of the federal republic with a representative regime, constituting itself, with the perpetual and indissoluble union of its ancient provinces, in the United States of Brazil (Republica dos Estados unidos do Brazil ; constitution of 24 February 1891, revised September 4, 1926). This system of government gave… Read More »

Brazil Government and Military

Constitutional order. – The constitution in force in Brazil was promulgated on 10 November 1937 by President Getulio Vargas who abolished the constitution of 16 July 1934 (also revolutionary compared to that of 24 February 1891, amended in 1925 and 1926), and put on new foundations the state organization of Brazil. The figure of the… Read More »

Brazil Overview

Official language Portuguese Capital Brasilia Form of government presidential Federal Republic Area 8,547,400 km² Residents 189,000,000 Currency real Time zone UTC −2 to −4 License Plate BR Internet TLD .br Telephone area code 0055 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world with an area… Read More »