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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Belgium has a long and rich history of education, going all the way back to the Middle Ages. During this period, the Catholic Church played a major role in educating people of all ages. The first university in Belgium was founded in Leuven in 1425 and was closely associated with the Church. By the 16th century, most towns had their own schools and universities were established in other cities like Louvain and Ghent. Education was mainly focused on religious studies, with some emphasis on more practical subjects such as Latin, Greek, and mathematics. In the 19th century, Belgium underwent a period of industrialization which led to an increase in literacy levels. This resulted in changes to the educational system which began to focus more on technical skills and sciences rather than purely religious studies. The government also introduced compulsory education for all children between 6 and 12 years old in 1842. This allowed more people to benefit from educational opportunities regardless of their social background or financial situation. As a result, literacy rates increased significantly during this period as did access to higher education institutions such as universities or specialized schools for engineering or economics. In 2009, Belgium was a small, densely populated country located in Western Europe. It was bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and had a population of about 10.5 million people. The capital city of Brussels was home to numerous international organizations such as the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The official language of Belgium was Dutch, but French and German were also widely spoken throughout the country. Belgium has a strong economy with an abundance of natural resources such as coal, iron ore and zinc. The country is also known for its high quality agricultural products such as sugar beets, potatoes and hops. Manufacturing is another major industry in Belgium with companies producing automobiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, there are many service-based industries including banking, tourism and transportation services. In 2009, Belgium had a highly developed educational system that provided access to education for all citizens regardless of their social or economic background. Elementary education began at the age of six and lasted for nine years until students reached the age of fifteen when they could enter into higher education institutions such as universities or specialized schools for engineering or economics. There were also numerous private institutions offering different types of educational programs ranging from primary school to university level studies. Check internetsailors for Belgium in 2011.

Belgium Society and Human Rights

Population and society With 370 residents per square kilometer, Belgium is the second largest country in Europe by population density, surpassed only by the Netherlands. Flanders and Wallonia are regions with a similar geographical extension, however the majority of the population is concentrated in the former: just over 6.4 million people live there, while Wallonia… Read More »

Belgium Literature in Dutch Language

If for Dutch literature we have already mentioned that Ludwigslied which is the original masterpiece, however, other medieval compositions that stand out for their liveliness of representation, such as Lancelot van Danemarken (Lancelot of Denmark) and Beatrijs, as it should be remembered, should not be overlooked. his mystical writings, Jan Ruysbroeck (1293-1381). But it is necessary to go as… Read More »

Antwerp Travel Guide

Antwerp is the center of the diamond trade and fashion. Antwerp is known above all for its diamonds and fashion. Art lovers are also pampered. The diamond trade is in full swing Located in the Flemish-speaking north of Belgium, Antwerp is one of the world’s diamond trading centers and there are plenty of jewelery shops. Multicultural… Read More »

Brussels Travel Guide

With its central location in the middle of Belgium, Brussels is the country’s capital. But it is not just for their own country that the city is important – it is here that almost the whole of Europe and the EU region are governed from its headquarters. Other bodies such as NATO are also located… Read More »

Belgium Overview

Official language Dutch, French, German Capital Brussels Form of government Parliamentary monarchy Area 30.518 km² Residents 10,500,000 Currency Euro Time zone UTC + 1 CETUTC + 2 CEST (March to October) License plate B Internet TLD .be Telephone area code 0032 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The western European Kingdom of Belgium with an area of ​​30… Read More »