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According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Belarus has a long and proud history of educational excellence. The first universities in the country were established in the 12th century, giving the country one of the oldest systems of higher education in Europe. Over time, education has been heavily influenced by both Russian and Soviet ideals, leading to a focus on technical and scientific fields. In recent decades, Belarus has seen an increase in emphasis on humanities and social sciences as well. Primary and secondary education is free for all citizens, with most children attending school from ages 7-17. A great deal of emphasis is placed on literacy, with almost 95% of adults being able to read and write. There is also a strong system for vocational training that provides students with practical skills necessary to enter the workforce. Higher education is also widely available throughout Belarus with numerous universities offering programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Education in Belarus continues to be highly valued today, as evidenced by the high quality of teaching standards across all levels of instruction. Belarus in 2009 was a country in transition. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Belarus had to shift from a centrally planned economy to a more open one. The process of transition was difficult and challenging, but by 2009 the country had made significant progress. Politically, Belarus was an authoritarian state with a strong leader and limited political rights for its citizens. Economically, the country’s GDP had grown steadily since 1998 and by 2009 it was estimated to be around $90 billion US dollars. Although the economy was still heavily reliant on Russia for energy and other resources, there were signs that Belarus was becoming increasingly independent. In terms of social development, Belarus had made some improvements but still lagged behind most of its European neighbors. The health care system was largely inadequate and poverty levels remained high in some areas. Education standards also remained low as many schools lacked adequate resources and facilities. Despite these challenges, however, there were signs that things were improving thanks to increased investment in infrastructure projects and economic reform initiatives. Check internetsailors for Belarus in 2011.

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Belarus Official language Belarusian, Russian Capital Minsk Form of government Presidential Republic Area 207,600 km² Residents 10,300,000 Currency Belarus ruble Time zone UTC + 2 (OEZ) License plate BY Internet TLD .by Telephone area code 00375 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Belarus (officially in the German-speaking area: Belarus) is located in Eastern Europe. The… Read More »