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Sights of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan impresses with a mass of diverse attractions, there are archaeological sites, cultural sites, natural wonders, and much more. Even the more popular countries of the world can envy such a variety of types of tourism. Of course, Azerbaijan is, first of all, history. According to ethnicityology, the most interesting archaeological finds are concentrated here.… Read More »

Azerbaijan Overview

Azärbaycan Respublikas Official language ¡¤ Azerbaijani Capital Baku Form of government Republic with presidential system Area 86,600 km² Residents 8,200,000 Currency Manat Time zone UTC +4 License plate AZ Internet TLD .az Telephone area code 00994 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The Republic of Azerbaijan (officially Azerbaijani: Azärbaycan Respublikas) is located in the Near East on the… Read More »