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Argentina Between 1973 and 1991

According to top-engineering-schools, the Peronist government which took office in 1973, at the end of a long military dictatorship that began in 1966, did not reach the end of the constitutionally foreseen period and was overthrown by a military coup. Marked by a deep crisis, the mandate of Isabel Perón (widow of the leader charismatic who died… Read More »

Argentina Economy Between 1950 and 1975

The economy of the Argentina, in the years 1950-70, was dominated by a high rate of inflation. Between 1950 and 1966 prices grew at an average annual rate of more than 25%, rarely the rate of increase was less than 10% a year, in 1958 it was 50% in the following year it reached 100%.… Read More »

Argentina Overview

Official language Spanish Capital Buenos Aires Form of government presidential Federal Republic Area 2,780,403 km² Residents 40,765,000 Currency peso Time zone UTC -3 License Plate RA Internet TLD .ar Telephone area code 0054 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography Argentina occupies almost the entire southern tip of South America. The republic stretches north-south for a length of 3,799… Read More »