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The state of Alabama is located in the south-east of the USA and is part of the Greater Southern States region. It has a narrow entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Alabama is the city of Montgomery with around 200,000 inhabitants. The largest city in the state is Birmingham with around 210,000 inhabitants. Alabama was one of the states where slaves were massively exploited on the cotton plantations. Today Alabama is one of the poorer regions of the USA. The climate is subtropical. The highest mountain in the state of Alabama is Cheaha Peak, at 735 meters. Russell Cave National Monument is located in Alabama. Traces of people who lived more than 9,000 years ago were found there in a cave. Check Ask4Beauty for more information about the state of Alabama.

The Climate of Alabama

According to Abbreviation Finder, Alabama (AL) is a state in the southeastern United States of America. Alabama has an illustrious history of slavery and racism. Cotton farming has always been an important source of income in Alabama. Although slavery has long been abolished, racism is still a major problem in Alabama and some surrounding states… Read More »

Alabama History Timeline

Long home to a variety of Indian tribes, the first Spanish explorer, Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, sailed to Mobile Bay in 1519. The British and Spanish remained active here, but the first permanent European settlers were actually French, arriving in the late 17th century. By 1711 Fort Louis (on the present Mobile site) was settled,… Read More »