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Mining. Afghanistan is rich in mineral resources. The presence of: iron, chromium, zinc, lead, copper, gold, molybdenum, jade, marble, limestone and possibly also phosphate and potash. Only coal (approx. 140000 t per year), salt (approx. 20000 t per year), lapis lazuli, approx. 5000 kg per year) and natural gas (since 1967, approx. 3 billion m3 in 1971) are extracted.. Only about 4000 people work in the mining industry. Industry and craft. The role of the traditional craft is still very important (only about 30,000 real industrial workers against about 20,000 craftsmen). The most important is the textile industry (about 9600 employees, production: 62 million m of cotton, 400000 m of wool and about 7 million m of rayon). There is also a cement industry (about 180000 t per year), food industry (about 2000 employees, production about 51000 t wheat flour, 9000 t sugar, 4000 t vegetable oils), leather processing and porcelain industry. Of the industrial companies, 66% is located in Kabul, followed by Kunduz, Mazar-i-Sjarif and Kandahar. Of the cottage industry, carpet knots are especially important. Trade. Afghanistan imports more than it exports ($124.7 million against $80.8 million in 1970/71). Exports of fruits (fresh and dried) and nuts, caramel skins (persianer), natural gas (to USSR), wool, carpets, raw cotton, oilseeds, hides and skins, etc. Main customers are: USSR (30 %), India, UK, Pakistan, USA. Many handicraft products (embroidered sheep fur lined jackets, etc.) have also recently found their way abroad. Imports of tea, textiles, petroleum products, metal goods and other industrial products. Check internetsailors for Afghanistan in 2011.

About Afghanistan

The official name of the country is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. According to legend, the name of the country “Afghanistan” comes from the name of the progenitor of the Afghan people – Avgan. This country, located in the Middle East, has no access to the sea, moreover, Afghanistan is today one of the poorest… Read More »

Afghanistan Women

We know Afghanistan as the country in which officially there is no longer any war, but bombs are detonated again and again and suicide bombers are killing people. Thats all right. But despite all these events, the people in Afghanistan now also have an everyday life, because no one likes to think only of war,… Read More »

Afghanistan Overview

Official language Pashto, Persian Capital Kabul Form of government Presidential system with a strong position of the head of state Area 652,090 km² Residents 29,930,000 Currency Afghani Time zone UTC +4.5 License plate AFG Internet TLD .af Telephone area code 0093 (Source: ALLCITYCODES) Geography The “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” (Dari: Dowlat-e Eslami-ye Afghanistan, Pashto: De… Read More »