Sights of Azerbaijan

By | April 14, 2022

Azerbaijan impresses with a mass of diverse attractions, there are archaeological sites, cultural sites, natural wonders, and much more. Even the more popular countries of the world can envy such a variety of types of tourism. Of course, Azerbaijan is, first of all, history. According to ethnicityology, the most interesting archaeological finds are concentrated here. Not far from Baku is Kobystan (Gobustan) with a collection of ancient rock paintings dating back several tens of thousands of years. In the capital itself, or rather in its old part, called the “Baku Acropolis”, an incredible number of architectural masterpieces are concentrated, including mosques with a thousand-year history and palaces of local khans. One of the districts of old Baku “Icheri Sheher”, as well as Kobystan, are even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At 30 kilometers from Baku, there is also the famous Ateshgah temple complex, created in the 2nd century AD at the site of the release of natural gas from the bowels of the earth. The main natural miracle of Azerbaijan is the only deposits of medicinal oil on the planet called naftalan. In the city of the same name, where the balneological resort operates, you will literally be lowered into a bath with “black gold”, which helps to remove toxins from the body, treats diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and much more. On the Absheron peninsula, 25 kilometers south of Baku, there is an equally interesting natural object: covered with flames, flaming mountain Yanardag. The fire on it does not go out either in a strong wind, or in snow, or in rain. The reason for this is combustible natural gas, which escapes from the depths of the earth. Of the modern sights of Azerbaijan, it is worth mentioning the Flame Towers – a complex of the three tallest buildings in the country, stylized as flames and the coat of arms of Baku. Majestic, they are located on a hill, and in the evenings, in specially designed lighting, they look very impressive.

National cuisine of Azerbaijan

The national cuisine of Azerbaijan is characterized by the active use of spices and fresh herbs; both meat, fish and vegetable dishes are popular here. Locals often prepare flour products and various dairy products such as katyk (sour milk). Traditional sweets are sherbet, kozinaki, baklava, halva, figs and Turkish delight common in the east. Of the meat, the absolute leader on the Azerbaijani table is lamb, it is more often found in local cuisine than others. In addition, poultry and a variety of game are cooked here along with rice and vegetables. A characteristic feature of Azerbaijani dishes is the frequent use of fat tail fat in them. The visiting card of the country’s national cuisine is, of course, pilaf. As many as 40 varieties of it are cooked in Azerbaijan, one is better than the other! Not to mention the barbecue dolma and lula kebab as one of the most characteristic dishes of this region. Long leaf black tea is an invariable companion of any meal; it is served hot and strong before meals in small glass glasses. The wines of Azerbaijan are another pride of the country; the history of winemaking here goes back several thousand years.


Within the country, good road transport links have been established; buses, taxis and minibuses run between cities. Out of 59,141 km of roads, only 29,210 km are paved. There is a metro in the capital, Baku. All transport departs on schedule (minibuses – as they fill up), prices are affordable, fixed. The cost of a taxi in the city is $5-$8, intercity trips can cost much more, you need to bargain. In many hotels in Azerbaijan, it is still customary to pick up guests from the bus station or airport, check in advance for a free transfer when you book a hotel. The country has established and continues to develop railway communication, the total length of the tracks is 2,944 km. There are three international airports in Azerbaijan, the most popular of which is the Heydar Aliyev Airport in Baku, the other two are in the cities of Lankaran and Ganja. There are also several domestic airports in the country. The national airline is Azerbaijan Airlines.

Sights of Azerbaijan