Sharp Promises Smartphones More Thin and Light Thanks to Its New Display Technology

It is not really new technology, we carry several years knowing phones and panels which uses the concept”in-cell”. The idea is to integrate in the same screen all the circuitry and sensors needed for the touch part.

Phones get to stuff everything in a same element thinner, less heavy. Because Sharp, recognized by the creation of panels for mobile devices, also going to integrate this technology into their upcoming developments, becoming more competitive.

This month of June begins the production of such screens, which They combine LCD panels with the aforementioned touch part. Although initially put its factories to create ideal sizes for smartphones, they do not rule out moving to produce panels for tablets, even laptops.

The difference will be in the IGZO panels

Us would not miss anything new panels were protagonists in upcoming iPhones or iPads

Not give us details about the LCD technology used in those panels, it is important to recognize that Sharp is one of the companies that most researches to create new technologies, and is responsible for the IGZO panels that boast of offering quality at the level of the best product in the competition, with lower consumption.

If we attached ropes, in fairly recent Japanese media news, they talked about that new panels IGZO technology have in-cell, so the thing sounds pretty good.

The Japanese cannot be sleep, competing as Japan Display were already offering the possibility, not to mention of Samsung and LG Display, that dominate each of the technologies that we sound, and some that we neither know: flexible, they are rolled, transparent, mirrors, etc..