Seychelles Economy

By | June 15, 2021

The Seychelles are among the wealthier countries in Africa

The Seychelles are among the countries in Africa that are doing better. One problem in the Seychelles is that many goods have to be imported because they cannot be produced on the islands themselves. Many companies are state-run, but they have begun to be put into private hands and the economy cautiously opened up.

There is agriculture, but this is primarily for the self-sufficiency of the residents who grow manioc, bananas and various types of vegetables. There are also export products such as nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon, but only to a small extent. There is also another article, the production of which has declined in recent years: copraobtained from coconut. Many people in the Seychelles also make a living from fishing.

The most important branch of the economy is tourism

Most important for the Seychelles economy is tourism. The Seychelles are not relying on cheap tourism, but on holidaymakers who are looking for luxury on the one hand, but who also do not lose sight of ecological goals.

Many areas of the country are under nature protection and nature is also what the islands have to offer. And this nature must then also be protected, which is probably better understood in the Seychelles than elsewhere. So tourism creates many jobs at the same time. In the Seychelles, many people work in the hotels, restaurants or bars.

Climate change threats

The tsunami on Christmas 2004, which also hit the Seychelles, was a severe blow for people, nature and economic development. Many buildings were destroyed and had to be rebuilt.

Today the country has largely recovered, but due to the location and low altitude of many of the islands, it is in great danger. Rising sea levels and the risk of earthquakes are becoming dangerous for the islands, the consequences of which do not stop at the coasts of the Seychelles.

James Alix Michel was President of the Seychelles until the end of September 2016. His party friend Danny Faure was his successor as President from 2016 until mid-October 2020. He was previously Vice President. The new President of the Seychelles has been Wavel Ramkalawan since October 26, 2020.

Colorful mix of peoples

According to, many people who live in the Seychelles are the descendants of former slaves. They are called Creoles, just as their language is called Creole. Almost everyone who lives in the Seychelles speaks Creole.

Seychelles Economy

Important role for women and mothers in the Seychelles

The family is very important in the Seychelles. You help each other and children are very important. In the Seychelles, women or mothers play an important role in society. Many women in the Seychelles do not marry and take care of their children and the household, while the fathers are obliged to look after the children financially. In practice, many children live with their grandparents because the mothers also go to work.

Festivals and Celebrations

Since most of the people in Seychelles are Catholics, many Catholic holidays are celebrated as well. Christmas and Easter are high holidays. For many, going to church on Sundays is a matter of course. To do this, you dress particularly colorfully.

However, besides Catholicism, superstition and belief in magicians continue to exist. Magicians are also consulted on difficult questions. There are also festivals that relate to the history of the islands, such as the Seychelles Independence Day on June 29th.

In the Seychelles, however, people like to party in other ways too. The Seychellois meet on the beach, especially on weekends, and celebrate together here. The weather makes this possible, because the sun usually shines all day.

Everything is free?

Schools in the Seychelles are free, visits to the doctor are free and you don’t have to pay anything in hospital. The state guarantees a pension and there are social benefits for people in need. The consequences of the government’s socialist policy can still be felt. For a long time, help came from other socialist states such as the GDR or the Soviet Union. After its dissolution and the lack of support, the high standard could not be obtained from the income from tourism alone. So it came about that private individuals are now also allowed to acquire property and much has also been privatized. Nevertheless, the government is trying to promote tourism towards sustainability. Many people make a living from tourism and tourism is the most important source of income for the state.