Sennheiser Mm 400 Stereo Bluetooth Headset-Part 2

What are modern Bluetooth headsets?
Part one of the headphone test for Sennheiser’s MM 400 describes, above all, the technology that is behind current Bluetooth headphones, which promises Sennheiser with the basic data of the approximately 140 euro expensive auricles and what is so all in the packaging of the radio earphones. But now it is about the essential: Are Bluetooth headphones now a real alternative for the listening pleasure on the road and at home? Does Bluetooth actually support more audio than the hands-free kit in the car? And are the Sennheiser MM 400 the right choice?

New freedom
The decisive advantage of the wireless headset hides itself in the designation of such: For the operation, no cable is needed, which is actually an old hat. Kabellose Lauscher has been around for quite a while, but these sets mostly consisted of transmitter and receiver, while a transmitter is now integrated into computers, mobile phones and tablets thanks to Bluetooth technology. And that is exactly where Sennheiser’s MM 400 comes into play: this works on practically every modern device as wireless headphones, without which a special transmitter would be necessary. This is simply great in everyday life: Gone are the days when the headphone cable is pinched in the jacket zipper, past the times when one half of the way to the subway with the unraveling of the stupid headphone cable spends and past the times in Which you have to take the playing device out of your pocket, to make you louder or softer, or to skip a song.

It is hard to describe how comfortable the wearing of the MM 400 is. Provided music comes from the auricles, when the very simple coupling process-for example with the iPhone-is completed for the first time. To do this, simply press the power button of the MM 400 for five seconds until the blue and red lights light up. Then the MM 400 via Bluetooth “visible”, computer or smartphone can now access the Sennheiser.

But back to freedom: I was just about to describe my disbelief when I first listened to the MM 400, while the iPhone again-without connected cable-in the pocket has disappeared.Somehow it is as if you had never heard music with headphones. Or would have been at least with a kind of crutch stick of cable. This is no praise for the MM 400, no, rather a hint of Bluetooth headphones in general. Even if the MM 400 as such do a damn good job: I am by far not an audiophil man or HiFi junkie. The would probably not anyway to Bluetooth grasp.Nevertheless, I can distinguish a good-sounding from a less well-sounding headphones, which for me only one conclusion admits: Sennheiser’s MM 400 belong also without the included 3.5 millimeter connecting cable to the very good sounding headphones. Even if they are a bit bass-heavy, midrange and bass sound well, the MM 400 sounds really good and clean.

A pity that he can not be still: Between songs or just before a song starts, you always hear a short beep, which is probably due to the radio technology. While the Lala is running, you get nothing from it. With the connected cable is not synonymous of this beep by the way.Speaking of the fact: With only 105 grams, the MM 400 is not a heavyweight, but it is very comfortable, even after hours, the Sennheiser does not compress the head. This is primarily due to the fact that not only the length of the quite elastic support brace can be varied, but the pinna can also be rotated on the support. So the MM 400 adapts to the head always quite well.

The interchangeable, rechargeable battery surprisingly weighs practically nothing, but actually holds the ten or so promised hours.

Talk to me
The smart heads at Sennheiser have missed the Bluetooth headphones in addition to the exceptionally good sound also a microphone, which is hidden in the right auricle.Surprisingly, the speech quality is good despite the distance to the mouth, only in noisy ambient sounds the MM 400 stumbles.

Actually, Bluetooth has stripped the children’s shoes, the Sennheiser MM 400 replace the cable-bound headphones with bravura. The radio technology offers unimagined comfort and impresses enormously: the iPhone simply stays in the pocket, while the keys of the Sennheiser select the song you want to listen to in great quality, or adjust the volume. In theory, the MM 400 even help to replace the iPod: the tablet can now remain in the backpack while the music sits cordless on the ears. The recharge time of about ten hours is also correct. In addition, the Sennheiser also function as a Bluetooth headset, which works very well in quiet surroundings.Over the short, but somewhat annoying beep, which sounds just before songs begin or after they have been finished, can definitely be overlooked. As a result, the price criterion is simply the price: whoever is willing to spend 140 euros on good headphones should definitely invest in cable freedom in the form of the MM 400. If you have more cash you should also take a look at the Sennheiser MM 450, which also have a noise canceling function.