San Diego, California

By | September 22, 2022


San Diego, city in the United States of America, in the state of California, on the Pacific Ocean, with 1.1 million inhabitants. (agglom.: approx. 2.5 million inhabitants). Commercial and industrial center with important aerospace industry, shipbuilding and repair, as well as electrical engineering and food industry. fishing; naval base. Important trade with northwestern Mexico. Very good natural harbour, formed by an approximately 10 km long headland. The city is a sought-after seaside resort because of its very mild climate. Mission Bay Aquatic Park (1860 ha; water sports area) and Balboa Park (560 ha, which contains several museums, botanical garden and animal park). Important museums are the San Diego Museum of Art (to European art history) and the Natural History Museum (1874). There are several higher education institutions, including San Diego State University (1897).


San Diego originated from a settlement (San Diego de Alcalá) founded in 1769, the first Spanish mission in California, and belonged to Mexico until 1846.

San Diego, California