Portland, Oregon

By | September 22, 2022


Portland, Oregon city, on the Willamette, near the confluence with the Columbia (border with Canada), with 438,000 inhabitants.

It is the largest city, major port (accessible by ocean-going vessels) and industrial center of Oregon, also a major distribution center and railroad hub, with metal, machine, woodworking, food, electronics and textile industries, as well as shipyards, publishing and printing houses. Major agricultural exhibitions and a rose festival are held annually. The international airport is also an air force base.

The city, seat of a Roman Catholic archbishop, is home to many educational and cultural institutions: University of Portland, several faculties of the University of Oregon, a museum of fine arts, and a zoo.


The city was founded in 1851 and quickly developed into a care center during the gold rushes of 1850 and 1897-1900.

The connection to the railway network (1883) and the construction of the Bonneville dam (1937; hydroelectric power stations) led to major industrial development.

Portland, Oregon