Places to Visit in Cannes, France

By | November 17, 2022

At the annual Cannes Film Festival, the city is inundated with world stars. Big names from the film world then stroll through the streets of the city. From the 1970s when an artificial sandy beach was created in Cannes, it was visited by many tourists. The place is still known as a fashionable city where the wealthy can have a great time. The harbor with its incredibly beautiful yachts is partly responsible for this. In addition, there are many good hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Cannes’ Top 10 Attractions

#1. Palais du Festivals
On a very prominent place on the Boulevard de la Croisette is the Cannes congress building. The Cannes Film Festival is held here every year. Everything is then dominated by film, actors, actresses, discovering new talent and lobbying. In addition to the Film Festival, other diverse festivals, conferences and fairs are held. For more information, check the website.

#2. Boulevard de la Croisette
All forms of luxury can be found on this important boulevard. For example, here you will find the marina with the most luxurious boats you can imagine. And all the famous and excellent hotels with their beautiful facades are also located on this promenade. A stroll down the Boulevard de la Croisette will show you what it has to offer. The Palais du Festival occupies an important position, but the view is fantastic.

#3. Ports of Cannes
According to, the city of Cannes has two ports. Port Pierre Canto and Vieux Port. Both ports are full of impressive yachts. Both ports have sufficient capacity for the many luxury yachts that call at Cannes. Both Port Pierre Canto and Vieux Port are both located on the lively and busy Boulevard de la Croisette.

#4. Boulevard du Midi Boulevard du Midi
is an extension of Boulevard de la Croisette. It starts from Vieux Port and runs towards the airport. The public beaches of Cannes are mainly located on this boulevard. The beaches near the center of Cannes are almost all assigned to the luxury hotels. The beach chairs on public beaches are cheaper to rent than those at the expensive hotels.

#5. Le Suquet
The oldest part of the city of Cannes can be found in the Le Sequet district. Cannes originated around the year 1030 on the sixty-six meter high mountain in this district. The medieval narrow streets soon lead you towards the medieval castle and Place de la Castre. The castle now houses the Musee de la Castre. The collected art contains a variety of objects. You will find primitive art of pre-Colombian American origin and various landscape paintings. Most interesting is the collection of cultural objects, including masks from Himalayan Tibet.

#6. Marche Forville
Many of the locals visit the covered fresh market ‘Marche Forvile’ every day. The market with its mainly fresh goods such as vegetables, fruit, flowers, meat and fish is located a few blocks from the Vieux Port and Boulevard de la Croisette. You will find the market on Rue de Marchée Forville. Around this market are a number of shops with all kinds of delicacies.

#7. Rue d’Antibes
The nicest and nicest shopping streets of Cannes can be found in the area around Rue d’Antibes. All expensive brands are represented here with a shop. Don’t forget to take a side street every now and then. In terms of restaurants, it is slightly cheaper here than on the famous boulevard.

#8. les de Lérins
With a ferry you can visit the Lérins islands, which are a fifteen minute boat ride from Cannes. The two islands de la Tradelière and Saint-Ferréol are uninhabited. The island of Sainte-Marguerite is much visited for its Fort Royal containing the Musee de la Mer. Before that, around the eighteenth century, the fortress was mainly used as a prison. The fourth island of Saint-Honorat is known as the island of the monks. The fifteenth century Abbey of Lérins is open to visitors. Due to its green wooded environment, smoking is not allowed on the island.

#9. Musee de la Mere
The museum about the sea is located in a very special location. In the old Fort Royal on the island of Sainte-Marguerite, a part is reserved for the Musee de la Mere. The first floor tells more about all kinds of archaeological findings that come from wrecks. Appropriate workshops are also held throughout the year. The prisons can be seen on the ground floor of the fortress. This is where the mysterious man in the iron mask was imprisoned.

#10. Notre-Dame de l’Esperance
In the district of Le Suquet on the Place de la Castre is this church built by monks. The Notre-Dame de l’Esperance means ‘Church of Our Lady of Hope. The Gothic church was built in the sixteenth century. The side chapels were added later. The most special thing is the view from here. You look out over the city of Cannes, the Bay and the volcanic mountains of Esterel.

Cannes, France