Northern Ireland Attractions

By | October 9, 2021

Golf, fishing, hiking, and boating tourism are all possible vacation activities. Furthermore, boat tours connect Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. Otherwise there is a rich cultural offer in Belfast and Derry.

According to allcitycodes, the capital city of Belfast has some Victorian buildings worth seeing, such as City Hall. Below are some other must-see and worthwhile destinations in Northern Ireland.

Glenariff with the Forest Park

The park offers a beautiful forest landscape with gorges, waterfalls and meadows.

Causeway Coast

The “Causeway Coast Road” is considered the most beautiful coastal road in the world and meanders around 200 km along the Northern Irish coast between Belfast and Portrush.

We recommend exploring the “Causeway Coast Road” by bus. The Ulsterbus departs from Belfast and then moves from place to place along the coast. He stops briefly for a photo at the most beautiful vantage points.

You can of course also explore the route on foot on the “Causeway Coast Way”. The route between Ballycastle and Giant’s Causeway (23 km) is particularly interesting. The trail begins by crossing the Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge, which connects a 30 meter deep and 20 meter wide gorge between the coast and a small island just outside Ballycastle.

The following sections of the trail remain exciting. You come along the coast past rocks with huge holes and right on the water.

The Giant’s Causeway, the Northern Ireland highlight, is impressive. Huge polygonal basalt columns rise up to 12 meters high like organ pipes from the sea, others disappear like stairs in the sea to rise again on the opposite Scottish island of Staffa. In any case, the around 36,000 columns are so unique that they are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other destinations

The Morne Montains of Morne are in Down. The area is ideal for beautiful hiking routes. The Legananny Dolmen and Castlewellan Forest Park are well worth a visit.

Glens of Antrim: This region is made up of nine beautiful valleys.

Moyle District: Rathlin Island, Bushmills, Ballycastle

Fermanagh District: Lough Erne, a lake landscape

Portrush: a very popular seaside resort on the North Antrim coast

Dunluce Castle: arguably the most beautiful ruined castle in Northern Ireland in North Antrim

Antrim Coast Road: a coastal road on which you can see a number of sights of the Antrim Coast.

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Northern Ireland Attractions