Mombasa, Kenya

By | November 30, 2022

Mombassa is the second largest city in Kenya and the main port on the East African coast. Thanks to its unique coastal scenery and a strip of coral reef with a length of almost 480 km, it has become the most popular seaside resort in the country.

According to cachedhealth, Mombasa is built on an island and is connected to the mainland by two deep water harbours. The old harbor connects the city with the northern resort coast, where nightclubs, discos and restaurants are located. Passengers and cars are transported by ferry to the beaches and hotels of the south coast.

The tourist infrastructure of the resort is well developed: hotels for every taste and pocket are built along the beaches, many discos, restaurants and casinos are open until dawn. In addition, Mombasa has excellent conditions for water sports.

You can visit Mombasa and its surroundings throughout the year, with the exception of the rainy season from April to May.

How to get there

The city is located 500 km from the capital of Kenya, the domestic flight takes 45 minutes. Mombasa has its own airport, where, in addition to domestic flights, flights from European countries arrive. You can also get to Mombasa by train from Nairobi (13 hours), by intercity bus or by the ubiquitous matatu minibuses.

Mombasa Hotels

There are no high-level hotels in Mombasa itself: mostly there are small boarding houses and hotels without “stars” with unpretentious service. First-class resort complexes are located south of Mombasa, on the beaches of Shelly (Shelly), Tiwi (Tiwi) and Diani (Diani), as well as in the north – in the towns of Nyali (Nyali), Shanzu (Shanzu), Mgengo (Mgengo), Bamburi (Bamburi) and Kikambala (Kikambala).

Fans of a luxurious Kenyan vacation prefer hotels on Diani Beach, where the most upscale (and expensive) hotels are located, including Diani Reef Beach Resort 5 * – one of the best on the entire East African coast. Hotels in the north are more democratic, which, however, does not reduce their attractiveness in the eyes of tourists.


Impeccably clean sand, a wide coastal strip and everything you need to enjoy the equatorial sunshine – this is a portrait in general terms of the beaches of Mombasa. In general, the beaches to the south of the city are more luxurious (and less “populated”), to the north – respectively, simpler and with a large number of vacationers. However, both there and there a wide range of water activities are offered, and numerous cafes are located along the promenade.

Entertainment and attractions in Mombasa

Fort Jesus is the oldest fortress in Africa built by Europeans. A museum has been opened in the fortress, which displays well-preserved ancient artifacts, many of which are over 300 years old. There are more than 20 mosques in the Old Town, the oldest of which was built in the 16th century. No less interesting are the Hindu temples Jain Temple, Shiva Temple and Hindu God Ganesh, topped with an elephant’s head. In addition, Heller Park is located on Bamburi Beach, where you can see all kinds of Kenyan vegetation, giraffes and hippos, as well as a butterfly pavilion. Nearby are the center of national crafts “Bolombulu” (Bolombulu), the aquarium in Mtwapa (Mtwapa) and the micro-park Bamburi Trail, where you can watch many species of herbivores and exotic birds, felines and even crocodiles.

Not far from Mombasa are the Mpunguti Marine National Reserve and Kisite Marine National Park, the largest snake farm in the country, as well as the Shimba Hills and Taita Hills national parks – people live there elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes and other representatives of the African animal world.

Golf, tennis, aerobics, archery, volleyball, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing, camel rides and more. The colorful underwater world of the local reefs attracts many diving enthusiasts to the resort.

Golf, tennis, aerobics, archery, volleyball, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing, camel rides and more.

Mombasa, Kenya