Mix’n Match Nail Polish Set “Brilliant Cosmopolitan” – Nails In Party Look

Last week, I had already told you about the current p2 nail care LE “Nail’Tini” , which has been available since March 6 in selected dm markets. I was able to test the Mix’n Match Nail Polish Cocktail Set in the color 03 “brilliant cosmopolitan”, which consists of a pink lacquer with cream finish and a blue glitter varnish. Normally, I limit myself to the color of the nail varnish and admit that the blue lacquered ring finger on the right hand on the work drewsome surprised looks. Too conspicuous for everyday life and just something for a party? But why not actually celebrate a party every day, and if it is only on the nails?


This says p2:

“The stylishly trendy trend nail sets consisting of a high-coverage cremelack and a glitter varnish can be applied individually or on top of each other. With each set you can easily mix a third color variant. Whether creamy, glitter or mixed-the varnishes are always an eye-catcher.Available in the colors: 010 shiny manhatten, 020 flashy swimming pool and 030 brilliant cosmopolitan (all vegan).” 

Contents and price:  2 x 7 ml for 3,45 €


Mission: I felt the order was a bit painful, because I did not manage so well with the thin brush and the somewhat tough consistency. I applied two layers of color varnish and the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. Due to the Top Sealer, the paints always dry very quickly. Over the right ring finger I painted another layer of blue glitter. Here I had problems to apply it completely over the pink varnish, without that still flashing at the edges. After painting, I had to use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to correct my flaws.

Opacity: The opacity was okay, but I definitely needed two layers of the pink nail polish, so that my nail whiteness no longer appears.

Durability: The shelf life was mediocre. Of the p2 paints I am used to a good durability, but there was there from the third day first tipwear on the nail tips. Although the surely squatting is a high level Larger splits, however, there was none. When I removed him on the fourth day, he still looked quite okay. The glitter varnish could be removed surprisingly uncomplicated.


The pink nail polish of the “Brilliant Cosmopolitan” set from the p2 Nail’Tini LE I is very pretty, as ask4beauty says. Also the blue glitter varnish has something, but would not be a varnish that I would have bought. I personally would have liked it better, if one could buy the paintsindividually. When applying, I had some difficulties because of the thin brush and the consistency and sometimes I painted myself. The durability of the paints was okay, but not outstanding. If you like to buy sets and who likes the color combination, the “Brilliant Cosmopolitan” set is certainly not wrong. If you’re looking for a nice pinpoint, you’ll find a varnish in the standard range. I give the set therefore two out of four possible suns and thus a “go so”.