Minneapolis, Minnesota

By | September 22, 2022

Minneapolis, city in the state of Minnesota, on the Mississippi, opposite the twin city of Saint Paul on the east bank, with 368,000 inhabitants. (agglom. Minneapolis-Saint Paul: 2.4 million inhabitants). The cities together are often referred to as Twin Cities.

Minneapolis is the state’s largest city and center of commerce, industry, and transportation. The grain market is one of the largest in the world, the industry processes grain (mills) and produces agricultural machinery, electronics and foodstuffs. Manufacture of medical instruments and research in this field. International airport.

The city is the seat of the University of Minnesota (1851), several theological training institutes and furthermore art and music colleges. The city’s cultural institutions include the Tyrone Guthrie Theater (1963; by R. Rapson), the Walker Art Center (1927; building from 1971, by EL Barnes), a public library (1885), a natural science museum, an art museum ( 1914; European and American art) and the Hennepin County Historical Society museum. Capitol Building (1895-1903; C. Gilbert), Lutheran Christ Church (1950; E. Saarinen) and Synagogue (1954; E. Mendelsohn). Minneapolis is rich in parks and lakes; the Minnehaha Falls (which inspired HW Longfellow’s Song of Hiawatha) attract many tourists.

The city was founded in 1855.

Minneapolis, Minnesota