Malaysia Animals and Plants

By | June 9, 2021

Rainforests are huge habitats

In East Malaysia we find one of the oldest tropical rainforests on earth, where many wild animals have survived. Almost four fifths of the country’s total area is covered by this rainforest.

How many plants there are here is not exactly known. There are more than 8000 flowering plants, including 2500 different tree species. Birds feel particularly at home here, with 620 species of birds populating the rainforests alone and finding retreats here that they do not have anywhere else.

What is living in Malaysia?

Tigers, leopards and other wild cats find an important retreat in the rainforest regions of Malaysia. You rarely meet these animals.

The chances of meeting a tiger in the wild are also extremely low. The tiger is very important in Malaysia, you can also find it on the country’s coat of arms. You can also find wild elephants in Malaysia. The rare Sumatran rhinoceros and funny looking tapirs also have their home here.

The sun bear also lives in the country’s forests, it is the smallest of all bears. It is found in Malaysia, but also in east India, south China and in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is the smallest bear species ever. The sun bear likes to climb trees, which is of course a great advantage in a forest area. It is sometimes considered dangerous, but it only eats plants, so it is a pure vegetarian.

Malaysia is incredibly diverse!

According to listofusnewspapers, 900 species of butterflies flutter through the rainforests. And 450 amphibian and reptile species as well as many insect species can also be discovered.

The largest monkey in Asia

Orangutans live in Borneo, in the forests of Sarawak and Sabah. The orangutan is not only the largest monkey that lives in Asia, but also the largest animal that has chosen trees as a habitat. The shaggy fur animals are quite skilled at this. The orangutan, one of the animal species that is becoming extinct, is protected. Even so, mother hunts are still going on to capture babies for zoos. If you want to know more about the orangutan, have a look at Tierchenwelt.

Snakes also live in the monkey rainforests

But there are many other species of monkeys in Malaysia such as proboscis monkeys, slim monkeys or the climbing and extremely skilful gibbons. It’s quite exciting to watch them jump from tree to tree.

The world of snakes, which love the climate here and the forest landscapes, is also diverse in Malaysia. Over 100 different snakes meander through the jungle, and some species are dangerous. There are often reticulated pythons and king cobras.

National parks for species protection

The natural landscape of Malaysia is threatened by humans. Because the wood of the forest is very popular as an export. More and more trees are felled. In order to secure part of the forest, a national park called Taman Negara has been set up. This is Malay and translated means exactly that: National Park. It is located in western Malaysia, not far from the capital Kuala Lumpur. Other nature parks are also intended to protect the old populations and, above all, the diverse fauna.

Threat from poachers

For a long time, people acted completely ruthlessly against the animals in Malaysia and exploited them. Elephants and rhinos were hunted for the ivory or horn. Tigers and monkeys were also on the hit list. The animals were said to have magical powers and they were hunted to obtain powders and remedies against diseases. In the meantime 19 animal reserves have been created in which one tries to protect the endangered animals. Nevertheless, there are always poachers who hunt animals.

What’s going on in the water?

Turtles live in and around the water, and they must also be protected in order to survive permanently. They lay their eggs on the beaches and these are often exposed to their enemies without protection. These are not only crabs, birds of prey or insects, but also humans. Few small turtles actually make it into the water where they can survive. It is now being ensured that enough turtles reach this saving water.

Crocodiles and monitor lizards survive in the swamps. They look pretty funny. They are very large lizards that are reminiscent of prehistoric reptiles and have lived on earth for a long time.

Malaysia Animals