Kansas City, Missouri

By | September 22, 2022


Kansas City, city in the state of Missouri, part of the urban agglomeration of Kansas City, in the middle of the country, with 435,000 inhabitants. The city is one of the largest three in the state.

Center of trade, industry and transport, also educational and cultural center. The industry includes processing of agricultural products, paper manufacturing, construction of machines and transport equipment (automobiles; trucks) and chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries; petroleum refining, printing companies. The city is the seat of a Catholic bishop. There are a branch of the University of Missouri (1933), several colleges, a conservatory and the Kansas City Art Institute (1885).

There are a number of important museums, including the Kansas City Regional History Museum (1939; including collection of Native American art and planetarium) and the Nelson-Atkins art museum (1926); in addition there are theaters, a philharmonic orchestra and many libraries, including the City Library (1873) and the Linda Hall Library (1946; with United States patent specifications since 1946).

Traffic interchange (mainly rail and waterways; major international airport, 1972). Convention Center, Annual American Royal Livestock, Horse Show and Rodeo; tourism.

High-rise buildings dominate the cityscape; The city’s center is the Crown Center (1973-1976). There are only a few historical buildings.


The town was founded in 1820 by fur traders; its current name dates back to 1886. Kansas City was severely affected by flooding in 1951 and 1993.

Kansas City, Missouri