HTC Runnymede Renamed Again, Possible Member of a New Range of Terminals HTC

Will return again to play the turn to the HTC Runnymede, which we discussed on several occasions and where its name serves as a source of controversy for a new change of the same, from the possible HTC Bass probable HTC Sensation XL.

A movement which, in principle, logical could result to some extent. On the one hand, due to the big screen 4.7 inch which boasts the device in question. On the other hand, the strange obsession of HTC by using the name “ Sensation ”, perhaps trying to emulate what had been done by Samsung with “ Galaxy & #8221;, thus calling a series of terminals complete that it would be initiated by the already announced HTC Sensation XE.

The new models that leaks was supposed to be presented by HTC on September 20 they occur without solution of continuity, adding new data to the existing ones and giving a more defined idea of where are the shots of the Thai company’s strategy.

Such as the fact that the terminal will be marketed with two options of Beats Audio headphones, being able to choose between the traditional “ in-ear ” or a Special Edition “ over-the – ear & #8221;.

Whether it’s under the name Bass, most appropriate certified by audio showing a visible logo on the back, or with the corresponding name Sensation range, the truth is that the Runnymede HTC could be launched on October 7, time of reaching much of Western markets in the face of the Christmas campaign.