Htc One Mini 2: Edler Alu Prince

Bottom line: The HTC one mini 2 makes the test much better than its predecessor. It comes with NFC and microSD slot. Battery, camera and processing are also stronger.The one M8 is too large, which can access 2 mini without question to one.

Htc One Mini 2: Edler Alu Prince

HTC One Mini 2: Compact One M8

The new HTC one mini 2 is the mini version of the One M8. With dimensions of 137 x 65 x 11 mm and weighs 137 grams it is much smaller and lighter than its big brother. It differs, however, hardly for design and processing quality. The one mini 2 looks very elegant and clean fits in the hand. HTC also eliminates from the weaknesses of its predecessor. The new one has mini NFC and expandable memory. Internally, 10 GBytes available are the users. In Internet standards, the new mini wireless-n and LTE of category 4 has to offer. Currently you get One mini 2 for 320 euros.

HTC One Mini 2: Display And Battery

The screen of one mini 2 dissolves in HD and is 4.5 inches tall. In our display test, manages it on very bright 423,9 cd/m², might however color stronger. The touch interface of the sharp screen is responsive and feels comfortable. At one mini 2 a 2,100 mAh battery, which guarantees long duration works. Over nine hours of telephony and some less than seven hours surfing at full brightness are significantly better than in the Previous one mini.

Htc One Mini 2 Edler Alu Prince 1

HTC One Mini 2: Operating System And Performance

HTC provides the one mini 2 by default from Android 4.4.2 and the sense interface (version 6.0). Fürs mini 2 means this clear and nicely crafted and feature-rich menus. The news feed Blinkfeed comes in the new version with numerous setting options. But HTC freed the mini sensor hub, so there’s not the smart motion launch gestures. You need to unlock the phone so classically via power button. The OS UI combo like us still very much. This is because that the system is running very quickly and fluently, it comes to minimal used only in camera mode. The Snapdragon 400 ensures this good pace. In contrast to his predecessor, he is working with four A7 CPU cores and pulses with 1.2 GHz. The RAM is 1 GB.

Htc One Mini 2 Edler Alu Prince 2

HTC One Mini 2: Camera And Acoustics

Like the one M8, also the mini with real stereo speakers is equipped. The speaker are but still excellent for a Smart phone like the big brother, something small and not quite so greatly. Top is also the sound of in-ears. The voice quality of the one mini 2 we can also hardly criticize. The HTC phone is characterized by pleasant sound and trouble-free line. The camera represents the biggest difference to the one M8. HTC didn’t sit down here on the ultra pixel cam with 4 mega pixels. Instead, we find a traditional 13-megapixel camera in the mini. Logical: The one mini 2 provides so that you can zoom much larger images, in that with much less loss of quality. Otherwise little noise we like the shots with decent sharpness and just dark light conditions. However the images are not particularly colour fast. The cam not excelling is all-in-all, but better than the ultra pixel snapping of one M8.

Htc One Mini 2 Edler Alu Prince 3

HTC One Mini 2: Alternative

It’s the same in the compact class Sony Xperia Z1 compact, which is a tad bit better equipped. Also applies to the Z1 compact: top processing, fast OS, good endurance. It comes with LTE Cat4, NFC, a microSD slot, and a waterproof case. In the test We like also the sound-rich music player. The Z1 compact costs currently around starting from 270 euro.