HTC May Be Preparing a New Device Windows Phone with Support LTE for 2012

Even though HTC maintains a long and fruitful relationship with the Android operating system from the first of the terminals appeared with this platform, we are talking about if you remember the HTC G1, we must not forget that the Taiwanese manufacturer in the field of mobile telephony began the Windows Mobile handheld.

Since then, the Asian firm has not stopped make you eyes to the Redmond when trade agreements was one of the first manufacturers to implement the specifications of Microsoft to adapt its terminals to Windows Phone. Something to be certain the latest rumors appeared, could happen again again becoming one of the leading brands in telephony in to accommodate a new Windows Phone with support for 4G LTE networks.

Something that would not be too crazy, knowing the work that is underway at Microsoft to host such connectivity in future versions of the operating system, as well as the incorporation of dual core processors, According to the recently deposed read Andy that was once head of the Windows Phone division for the company headed by Steve Ballmer.

In principle, any possible denomination is unknown for the future model, which would have as date of appearance on Feb. 5. So it would be nothing strange having the relevant advancement in the course of any of the events scheduled for the upcoming CES 2012 Las Vegas, between 10 and 13 January.

Refers to a device with a hardware similar to the already known Titan HTC that also would share corresponding to one dimensions big screen 4.7 inch. Initially, the device would be prepared to work with the 4G LTE network that the American operator AT & T already has deployed in some big cities in the American territory.

This would not only mean a great advance for the platform, but It also would indicate that a new evolution of Windows Phone is close to see the light.