Greatest Roads in the World

Top-10 of the biggest roads in the World. The Pan-American, the Australian Highway 1 and the Trans-Siberian are the longest roads in the world.

List of the 10 Greatest Roads in the World

The list of the 10 Biggest Roads in the World includes a list of all the roads in the world taking into account their length in kilometers. The longest road in the world is the Pan-American, followed by the Australian Highway 1 and the Trans-Siberian, which complete the podium in the ranking of the Greatest Roads in the World . Most of the roads on this list are present in many of the largest countries in the world and, it makes sense, because it is a way of “shortening” distances between places and populations. When it comes to continents, the American continent has the most roads on this list, and there are some that cross more than one continent.

10th Interstate 80

Opening this list of the 10 Greatest Roads in the World we have Interstate 80 with a length of 4,666 kilometers .

Interstate 80

9th Interstate 90

This road has a route very similar to that of US Route 20 but with fewer kilometers, as it is 4,860 kilometers long .

8th US Route 6

With 5,168 kilometers, this American road covers practically the entire American territory, making a diagonal route .

7th US Route 20

The longest road in the United States of America covers the American territory from the west to the east, through the north of the country .

6th National 010

The longest Chinese road has 5,700 kilometers and passes through 8 Chinese provinces, some of them the largest and most populous provinces in the People’s Republic of China.

5th Golden Quadrilateral

The longest road in India is 5,846 kilometers long and covers part of one of the largest and most populous countries in the world.

4th Trans-Canada

At 7,821 kilometers, this $1 billion road covers Canada from east to west.

3rd Trans- Siberian

Starting the podium count of the greatest roads in the world , we have one of the best known roads that covers Russia from one end to the other.

2rd Highway 1

This 14,500 kilometer long road covers the whole of Australia, practically going around the entire island.

1st Pan-American

The longest road in the world is the Pan-Americana, with 30,000 kilometers of official length, and there are unofficial records of 48,000 kilometers. It goes from the North to the South of the American continent

List of the 10 Greatest Roads in the World

Position road name Length (kilometres)
1 Pan-American 30.000
2 Highway 1 14.500
3 trans-siberian 11.000
4 Trans Canada 7.821
5 Golden Quadrilateral 5.846
6 National 010 5.700
7 US Route 20 5.415
8 US Route 6 5.168
9 Interstate 90 4.860
10 Interstate 80 4.666