Graphite is Trend in Decorating Environments

The graffiti can be inserted to the decoration through paper or wall stickers, frames, panels or even an artist’s interventions. See the options and learn how to decorate the environment

The Graffiti is no longer an exclusively artistic expression from the streets. The drawings are now trend in decorating environments. But the perception of graffiti in the House is different, says Agnes Meek, architect of the Studio SM2. “On the street, you are in motion and intensity is required. The features of the designs for the decorations have to be maintained, but the ideal is that they are less vibrant colors “, he says according to a2zwallstickers.

Take a weight of urban art, as Eduardo Kobra or double the twins, in the House may not be an alternative accessible to all who wish to add the art to decoration. “Can be very expensive,”says Marta Calasans, architect. But, unlike the streets, for decorative purposes, there are more alternatives. “Can you use paper or adhesive, painting, fabric or even a photograph. Evelyn Müller, photographer, made drawings images of the twins at the beginning of his career and I brought the Graffiti for decoration by means of a picture “, he comments.

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The graffiti ‘ removable ‘ also offers the advantage of locomotion, besides being more affordable. “You can change the design of environment, take it if you change or take it off the wall if you no longer want”, says Marta.

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According to Marta, dare is allowed since the decoration don’t get boring. “If the graphite occupies an entire wall, for example, the others do not need to have neutral colors, but can have the tones that are in the drawing and be smooth”, suggests. For Agnes, in an environment with too much information, no element is the highlight. “It’s better than the rest of the decor is clean.”

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To join the decoration with graphite, the most important thing is to identify with the style. “The graffiti has a particular language, you gain a touch of sophistication in this case. The designs can be used in any room, but they have to respect the personality of the resident “, says Agnes.