First Impression and Hands-on: Nokia N900

Another iPhone killer?
So, after the Nokia N900 appeared in Germany (and DHL delivered the package securely and punctually), I took a few hours to play with the new smartphone from Nokia last night.Here is the way, the technical data. Why is the N900 so important for Nokia? As alreadynoted elsewhere, the Finns the Margen market leader Apple in the extremely important smartphone market after and with the Maemo OS on the Nokia N900 the Finns try to work from the low. Whether this succeeds frankly on another sheet, I personally look at Nokia quite the risk that they lose the connection to the market.
Not immediately, but bit by bit. Just a few years ago devices from Nokia were the reference and the mobile customers bought Nokia-nothing else. No matter how the quality was, no matter how the usability, no matter whether other handymarks were better, with a Nokia on offer you could always make a stab. Also I was “Nokia Fanboy”. I’ve sometimes roughly how many Nokias I had in the first decade of the new millennium, I’ve certainly come to the 40 or 50 mobile phones. The whole business line 6XXX and 9XXX up and down, in particular the 6310i and the Nokia Communicator a few times, but then also the multimediager with Symbian, you can find them from KEntontrade. Symbian – back then in 2003 and the following years was considered the multi-media system for smartphones that one should have. Until, yes until there were touch screen devices and the iPhone came in. Since Nokia came no more and could not enter 2008 with the 5800 into the touchscreen market. So, but now enough rumored in the mobile phone history and starting from the current N900…

In the hand
Missy, especially with the keyboard and just then, if you had the Motorola Milestone a few days earlier still. Otherwise too heavy, in the case of the N900 is no longer really well cared for. In winter in the jacket bag, but in the summer and in the spare time? The female escort can put it in the handbag, but somehow – no definitely too thick. The iPhone is bigger, but much flatter. Yes, the iPhone has no keyboard, but who knows the Motorola Milestone, who knows how relatively flat a keyboard can be designed.

One of the main problems of smartphones – in particular Nokia – is the speed. Everything goes sooo slowly, in the year 2003 I still accepted that with a 700 euro expensive Nokia 9210 or 9210i the speed was slow but nowadays where the iPhone sets the benchmark? Speed ​​is a must. The N900 has it in this respect on it, the Cortex A8 processor also works in the iPhone 3GS and together with Maemo the N900 runs relatively liquid. Relatively, because firstly it is still one of the first firmware versions and the iPhone is still better. Feel at all events, because with pretty effects one can almost drive out the sense of sense of waiting. Browsing is fun, especially when you compare it to a Symbian browser or Windows Mobile Internet Explorer.Maemo is also a trouble, but the wallscreen with the widgets and the Expose-Like Taskmanager is a bit bumpy.

I’ll say it. With the iPhone you have the feeling of holding a 600 or 700 Euro smartphone in your hand, right here is the processing, the housing. Even with greasy fingers, the iPhone still looks relatively good (at least in the white version) and the display is also “greasy” evenly greasy thanks to the continuous glass screen. The N900 has the feeling that the Bezel is stealed from the Palm Pre, the same shabby plastic that attracts the fingerprints and where the phone just looks ugly. The bottom of the case is held in matt plastic and makes a semi-stable impression thanks to the continuous battery cover. But the buttons for volume, on and off switch and screenlock make a clattering impression. And around the sides of the smartphone are buttons, IR port and micro-USB ports, pen and 3.5 mm jack scattered – this is not nice to watch. Would not it have been possible to think of a uniform solution? Beautiful is different. Beautiful is iPhone.

The N900 has a resistive touchscreen, which you have to push around and which you can not touch easily. The touch screen is not as gruesome as the Nokia 5800 or N97, but why the screen still had to be resistive? Is not Maemo sensitive enough? I am not particularly enthusiastic, especially because I also know the display of the HTC HD2, which is next to the N900.

There is still no-the N900 is not yet played warm and I do not want to allow a final judgment. But first the N900 carries a fat “Early Adopters Only” stamp.