Fashion of the 20s and 30s in XXL-Like Shopping Queen

The motto of the week at shopping Queen: “Dress you in the style of the 20s and 30s for a swing concert with Michael Bublé.”

Phew, not an easy task. The candidates have as great difficulties, which I can understand. In stationary stores I would probably also hard something for this motto in large sizes. Online, it’s been easier (you think!), but there are also some Charleston style, fringed dresses while at Amazon and all that, but only up to size 46/48…

Before I show what I found do we first collect what typical for the

Fashion Of The 20s And 30s Years Is.

You must bring the two decades not simply in a pot, the economic, political and social situation has changed in 20 years. Thus also the fashion changed, but a few details pull through this time:


After the women lifted in the 20s of the corset, the fashion of less was fitted, straight cuts prevailed. Shift dresses as and naklar the straight-cut Charleston dresses.

Fit to the Charleston look: headbands adorned with feathers (examples below), feather BOA, subjects, cigarette holder, long gloves, long Pearl necklace.

You can get as a set in different versions at Amazon. Like this for example (just click on it):

1925 Launched The Golden 20s And The Art-DecÓ Era Began.

This was glitter, rhinestones and embroidery. Hooray for glamour, gold and luxury!

For the concert, I’ve picked out a few evening gowns in the 20s/30s-style:

You can get them here at Zalando (click on BB´s image!):

The weinfarbene with the fringe fits arguably best of all to the motto!Didn’t think I’d find years moderate size something archetypal 20. 🙂

These dresses in the style of the 20’s and 30 he years BB´s at Navabi is:

What Do You Like Better: Long Or Short?


In the 30s showed women to go out like to much cleavage, again more waist with peplum jackets and shoulders were accentuated (V line).

Coco Chanel BB´s style stands for this time. The actresses Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander, Greta Gabo set trends.

Women wore Marlene pants for the first time. Combined with corsage and/or close Blazer, blouse and also a tie.

I like this direction also super well. Not only for the shopping Queen motto: Marlene pants, blouse, slim Blazer, corsage, glitz-clutch and Pearl necklace.

All types of headwear played an important role. Hats and caps in many variations were hip, but the make motto here for our shopping Queen: “Go to the concert!” now little sense.

The Head Bands Created In The 20s Are What Absolutely Makes Sense.

On DaWanda you can find even a very nice selection. You’re even for new year’s Eve, right?

How would you style concert by Michael Bublé you for a 20s/30s?

Rather in the Marlene-Dietrich-style or pompous glitter dress and feather BOA?

I appreciate your opinion right here in the comments!