Dubai Travel Guide

By | April 1, 2021

Located in the middle of the desert, Dubai is a city of superlatives. Dubai is a modern oasis in the middle of the wilderness. When moving around the city, one cannot avoid wondering if everything is true or just weaving.

Skyscrapers stretching into the sky, luxury hotels, gourmet food and giant shopping malls form an interesting contrast to the Bedouin life that was celebrated in the Dubai desert before it became a center of tourism in the Middle East.


Tourism is growing noisy

Dubai has also become a popular travel destination among Finns, especially during the winter months. Its charm is based on the contrast of a thousand and one night of fabulous landscapes, beach life and vibrant urban culture. On the streets you can see both luxury cars and camels.

In addition to traditional marketplaces and squares, Dubai has a number of huge shopping malls. Where there used to be a deserted sandy desert, there are now some of the best golf courses in the world.

The locals take tourism seriously. The number of tourists has multiplied over the last ten years, as has the city’s population. Dubai has invested fabulous sums in the development of tourism, and the investment has paid off, as the city has also established its position among the holiday destinations favored by Finns.

The largest city in the UAE is also of interest to foreign investors as well as hotel and restaurant chains even more than New York and Las Vegas.



Dubai’s architecture is in places like straight out of a thousand and one night fairy tales.

Dubai is a hot and exotic travel destination

Situated on the shores of the Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known not only for its exotic culture but also for its lavish luxury life and soft sandy beaches. Built in the middle of the desert, the city is a sun-sure destination, and the average daily temperature does not fall below 20 degrees even in winter.

Travel to Dubai for beach and shopping holidays. While almost every hotel has stunning pool areas, lounging on Dubai’s beaches is an absolute experience.

The best time to travel is from October to May, when the temperature is not suppressively hot. Temperatures are then about 22-32 degrees. From June to September, temperatures can rise to 48 degrees and humidity up to 90 percent. Staying in the sun is then impossible for almost everyone. In summer, the temperature of seawater also rises to 37 degrees, so it is not healthy to stay in the water for too long due to dehydration.

If you want to make sure that your holiday does not rain, travel to Dubai. Rainless warm weather is available almost all year round.

Relaxed life and exotic jeep safaris

In Dubai, there is plenty to do for many tastes, but the destination is especially suitable for a lover of city and beach holidays. The city especially pampers the holiday-hungry holidaymaker, as Dubai’s shopping malls are world famous and there is plenty to offer for every taste.

Those looking for a relaxing beach holiday can also head to Dubai, as the city is full of lavish hotels that pamper guests with luxury swimming pools. If the hotel does not have its own pool or beach, Jumeirah Beach is the best option. The beach is accessible to all and well connected.

An active traveler can take part in a memorable jeep safari in Dubai and ride through the desert, or even climb to the top of a dune to watch the layers of sand dunes and the reddish calm sky. Usually, desert trips also include a traditional dinner at a desert camp, pole dancing and the opportunity to try a hookah on a desert night.

Respect the local culture

The main religion of the United Arab Emirates is Islam, and the vast majority of Dubaiers are Muslims, which is particularly evident in the culture of dress and alcohol.

Women should cover either their knees or shoulders and prefer loose clothing. By the time you go to the mosque, you should also cover your hair. The hotel’s pools are dressed in accordance with Western beach culture, but outside the hotel areas, the traveler should remember that an overly revealing outfit is not appropriate in Dubai, even in beach conditions.

Take Muslim holidays into account when choosing the time of the trip, as during Ramadan, for example, tourists are also expected to dress more than usual.

Alcohol is available in licensed restaurants and hotels. With a meal you can enjoy a glass of wine, for example, and dinner is nice to enjoy while enjoying the sweet taste of the hookah. However, don’t drive around town clearly drunk.

The main language of the UAE is Arabic, but a tourist in Dubai is fluent in English.



Many tourists visit the desert, where there is also the opportunity to make a closer acquaintance with camels.

Travel to Dubai on a scheduled flight or choose a package tour

The most convenient way to get to Finland is from Dubai, and flights from Helsinki are offered by Turkish Airlines and Norwegian, among others. At its cheapest, Norwegian’s direct flights from Helsinki to Dubai cost about 200 euros. For example, Finnmatkat and Aurinkomatkat offer package tours to Dubai.

If you want to experience what flying feels like at its best, you should fly through Germany, from where there are flights to Dubai on the UAE’s own Emirates airline.

The hotel selection is wide

Dubai’s hotel selection is unique. There is a large selection of stunning luxury hotels, but there are also cheaper options on offer, but the quality is excellent.

Instead of traditional hotels, you can also stay in Dubai at the home of a local. Paid home accommodation can be found using the Airbnb and Wimdu online services, but you can also surf the couch in Dubai.

Getting around Dubai

The roads in Dubai are in good condition and there are plenty of lanes, but congestion can occasionally slow down travel. A taxi is an easy and safe way to get from one place to another. All taxis are meter taxis. Short trips can be folded by taxi for a few euros. Taxis are well available.

A new, newly completed subway is a great way to avoid congestion. The subway, which runs on a high track, offers good views around. The subway is clean, fast and affordable. The ticket costs less than a euro, and children under the age of five travel for free. And because we’re in Dubai, the subway is, of course, the longest unmanned automated rail route in the world.

A popular way for tourists to get around the city is the Big Bus Tours, which are available both night and day. Buses run around the route, which includes the city’s main attractions and points of interest. With a day ticket, you are free to get off the board and get on the next bus again.

Car rental in Dubai

Dubai is a great destination for motorists. The roads are in very good condition and there are enough lanes. Traffic rules are followed throughout the United Arab Emirates and movement is safe. Traffic signs are in both Arabic and English. There are also plenty of parking spaces and there are large parking garages in each mall. Although Dubai is a fairly compact city, a car is necessary if you want to see more of the city or visit more than one shopping mall.

Travel tip: The Outlet Mall, also popular with Finns, is located outside the city in the middle of the desert and is most easily reached by car or taxi.