Denver, Colorado

By | September 22, 2022


Denver, capital of the state of Colorado, at 1,609 m at the confluence of the South Platte and Cherry Creek, with 467,000 inhabitants. (urban area: approx. 1.8 million inhabitants).

Commercial, distribution, financial and industrial center of the Midwest, with sizeable meat industry; furthermore, the aircraft and aerospace industry and the production of mining machines.

There are many educational institutions, including the University of Denver (1864), the University of Colorado (1912), the Metropolitan State College and an Air Force Academy. Nearby two major air bases; the large, modern Denver International Airport opened in 1995. Historically (1906) very important branch of the US Mint. Dating from 1887-1899, the State Capitol has a gold-leaf-covered dome; furthermore Boettcher Concert Hall (1978) and Bonfils Theater Complex (1979). Denver Art Museum (large collection of Native American art); Museum of Western Art. Coorsfield stadium (1995).

Because of the good climate and the beautiful environment (Denver Mountain Parks) there is a lot of tourism; major winter sports centers in the nearby Rocky Mountains.


Denver was created by the amalgamation (1860) of the cities of Auraria and St. Charles (named Denver in 1858 after the then governor), both founded during the gold rush of 1859. It owed its rise initially to the mining of gold and (later especially) silver; after the collapse of the silver market in 1893, livestock farming became the main source of income. Today, the Denver Union Stockyards are among the largest livestock markets in the United States.

Denver, Colorado