Cochem, Germany

By | February 9, 2023

According to A2zgov, Cochem is a town with a population of about 5,000 people, located on the Moselle River. Its hilly shores are strewn with numerous vineyards, from which the famous Moselle wines are made – primarily Riesling. Festivals and fairs are often held in Cochem, where you can taste several hundred varieties of local wines and buy a drink directly from the winemaker.

Cochem has a rich history – the first mention of the settlement dates back to the 9th century AD. e. The city has a very beautiful historical center with neat half-timbered houses that fit perfectly into the landscape. But the main monument is Reichsburg Castle, first built back in the 11th century.

How to get to Cochem

112 km from Cochem is the international airport Cologne / Bonn. From Moscow, Pobeda flies directly there, the journey will take 3 hours 10 minutes, departure from Vnukovo. You will have to get from the airport with two transfers – the first at the main railway station of Cologne, the second in Koblenz or Gerolstein. The flight schedule is designed in such a way that the transfer takes no more than 20 minutes. Trains depart every 30-60 minutes from 5:00 to 19:00. The whole journey will take about 3 hours. You can make a route and buy a ticket at the office. website of the railway company of Germany (in English).

Distance to the nearest cities, from where you can reach by train: Luxembourg – 96 km, Frankfurt am Main – 108 km, Düsseldorf – 124 km. At the office The website of the German railway company (in English) has information about the flight schedule and ticket prices.


Cochem is a compact town, getting around it on foot is not difficult. To get to the observation deck, you can use the funicular. A tourist bus stylized as a miniature steam locomotive runs around the city center. The railway station is located in the northern part, about a kilometer from the Central Square. There are several taxi operators in the city, the car can be called by phone. The standard price consists of a fare of 3 EUR plus 2 EUR per kilometer.

Parking in Cochem is mostly paid, there are many parking lots on the waterfront.

Tourist boats run regularly on the Moselle River. You can order a river excursion through the vineyards or get by water to other towns and villages in the region. There are also many walking and cycling routes in the vicinity of the city.

Cochem Hotels

Cochem is a popular holiday destination for local tourists, so there are enough accommodation options in different price segments. A double room in a budget hotel can be rented for 40-50 EUR per day. As additional bonuses for guests – free parking and internet, and if you’re lucky, even a beautiful view of the Moselle.

Rest in a family-type hotel with a hearty breakfast and good service will cost an average of 70-90 EUR for two. Decent apartments in Cochem can be booked for 70-100 EUR, but they are quickly taken apart, especially during fairs and festivals. A day in a 4 * hotel with a pool, spa, restaurants and a sunbathing terrace will cost a couple 140-200 EUR.

Cuisine and restaurants

You can have a hearty dinner by going to a restaurant with German cuisine. Schnitzels and steaks, breaded fish, potatoes, sauces and salads – and all this is a must with local wine or beer. The price for lunch will be approximately 20 EUR per person. It’s easy to find delicious vegetarian food in Cochem’s restaurants, such as Restaurant L’Auberge du Vin. You can taste different types of Moselle wine in the Schlossbergkeller restaurant, where, in addition to the wines themselves, they serve an appetizer that is ideal for each variety. A glass costs 6-7 EUR.

There are many places in Cochem with inexpensive and tasty pastries and desserts. Tourists especially like the local ice cream.

Fast food lovers will also find something to treat themselves to. At a diner like Equit’s Metzger-Imbiss, they will ask for 8 EUR for a lunch of a branded burger with a huge piece of meat and french fries with sauce.

Entertainment and attractions of Cochem

The imperial castle of Cochem, towering over the town and vineyards, is the place where you need to go first. Although the castle itself was actually rebuilt in the 19th century, the interior dates back to the Renaissance.

One of Cochem’s popular museums is the Bundensbank-Bunker, a mysterious bunker built by the German Bank in the 20th century. The Historische Senfmuehle mustard mill, which has been in operation since the early 19th century, is also worth a visit.

An important attraction is the cable car passing directly above the city and the river. The center of Cochem itself is also interesting with the town hall, a fountain, the Catholic Church of St. Martin and the remains of the fortress wall. Half an hour’s walk from the city lie the ruins of Winneburg Castle, destroyed in the 17th century. There is an amusement park and the Eifel Golf Club in the surrounding area.

Cochem regularly hosts various festivals and fairs related to winemaking. So, in mid-June, the annual wine week takes place, and at the end of August, a large-scale wine festival ends with fireworks.

Cochem, Germany