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Canada from 1968 to 1988

The history of Canada from 1968 to 1988 was characterized by the presence on the political scene of two men, PE Trudeau and R. Lévesque. Trudeau, Federal Prime Minister from April 1968 to June 1979 and from March 1980 to June 1984, personified the idea of ​​a single Canada, based on the languages ​​of the… Read More »

Mexico Defense and Security

A country at peace with its neighbors, with whom it has no serious disputes, Mexico maintains a low level of defense spending. The integration with the U knows by means of the N disease has, inter alia, enhanced security, enabling it to maintain the resources dedicated to the defense of the frontiers almost stable. The… Read More »

Cyprus Archaeology

Since 1960 no Neolithic excavation has been carried out but only a series of surveys which, especially on the northern coast of the island, have allowed the identification of numerous sites from that era. The Neolithic deposit of Khirokitia, which had returned a primitive Neolithic with tholos houses and stone vases, was dated by Carbon… Read More »

Barbados History and Politics

Barbados. Located just east of the Caribbean Sea, it is a continental island in the West Indies. Located approximately 13º North of the equator and 59º West of the Greenwich Meridian, it is considered a part of the Lesser Antilles. Its closest neighbors on the island are Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the west. To the south is… Read More »

Dominican Republic During Spanish Colonization

Christopher Columbus reached the island on 5 of December of 1492 berthing on the north coast and baptizing with the name of the Spanish. [2] As the exploration of the north coast continued, the caravel Santa María ran aground on a sandbar; With the remains of the ship, the Fort of La Navidad was built. Then Columbus ordered to return to Spain, leaving a garrison of 39… Read More »

Health and Diseases in Ecuador

Vaccination protection When entering from a yellow fever area, proof of a valid yellow fever vaccination is required from all travelers who are older than 1 year. If this cannot be presented, fines and an entry ban are possible. In the past, the yellow fever vaccination was partly checked by airlines in neighboring countries even… Read More »

Guatemala Geography and Culture

TERRITORY: ENVIRONMENT The vegetation cover of the country is very varied, according to the altitude and rainfall. In the wettest tierras calientes and along the river courses there are evergreen forests, tall trees, of an equatorial environment, which welcome beautiful plants such as ceiba and mahogany, and a very rich undergrowth of epiphytes; elsewhere, in… Read More »

Cuba Brief History

According to Areacodesexplorer, Cuba is despite its unacceptable political system, its great poverty and worn environment, and in many places beautiful nature, a country well worth visiting Many Cubans live in very cramped conditions and struggle hard for their daily existence. The scarce financial resources force many women to prostitute themselves despite the fact that… Read More »

Travel to Panama

Miles of palm-strewn Caribbean beaches. Hordes of tropical birds vying for the strongest colors. Native American cultures living as they did hundreds of years ago on remote islands. Panama has much more to offer than its famous canal. See trips to Panama Population: 3.7 million Capital: Panama City Language: Spanish ships have to pass three… Read More »

The 2012 Presidential Election in United States Part I

President Barack Obama is running for re-election as President of the United States on November 6, challenged by Republican Mitt Romney. The election kicks off while the United States is in a severe economic downturn, something the challenger Romney has based his election campaign on. With high unemployment, low economic growth and high government debt,… Read More »

10 Years after 09. 11 Part II

5: Critics of “War on Terror” There were some critics. One of the critics was the famous scientist John Mearsheimer . Mearsheimer’s critique was based on American self-interest. The US military is completely superior to other states, he said. Why then waste a lot of resources that could rather be used elsewhere. Why spend the… Read More »

10 Years after 09. 11 Part I

10 years later, the terrorist attacks of 11.09.2001 against New York and Washington still have an aura around them. In ancient Greek, the aura was initially a breeze. But the emperor’s castle in Constantinople was called Magnaura – fresh breeze – that is, almost in the sense of the winner of power. The aura that… Read More »

Growing Contradictions in American Politics Part II

4: Ideological dividing lines The contradictions between the Democrats and the Republicans are basically a conflict between two different political directions in the view of the degree of public governance . What power the federal government in Washington should have over the state government is one of the key questions. Democrats like to argue for… Read More »

Growing Contradictions in American Politics Part I

In the discussion of the United States’ international role and position of power, attention is usually drawn to the foreign and security policy challenges that the country faces. The discussion is often about how a war-weary United States, a country located in North America according to Thefreegeography, burdened by large government debt, will be able… Read More »

More Free Trade Across the North Atlantic? Part III

The effects of TTIP will also vary from country to country. Some countries may experience greater reductions in their exports than Norway. Because new free trade agreements cover areas other than just trade in goods, there may also be distortions in fields other than trade in goods. Stronger protection of the interests of multinational companies… Read More »

More Free Trade Across the North Atlantic? Part II

A third question concerns areas that have traditionally been outside trade policy. An example is trade in services . This can be education, transport, banking, shipping and insurance. International trade in services has increased sharply in recent years. There is much disagreement about how trade in services should be regulated in international agreements. Similarly, there… Read More »

Cuba without Castro Part II

Raúl Castro opened up the economy further when he took over after big brother Fidel, who became ill in 2006 and died in 2016. Cuba had not been able to secure enough income to maintain the level of welfare, and it therefore began to decline, like the country’s buildings. All still had access to health… Read More »

Cuba without Castro Part I

The brothers Raúl and Fidel Castro have ruled the communist country of Cuba for over half a century. Now a political generational change is underway. How did Cuba become the country we know it today? What role did Cuba play during the Cold War? What is the human rights situation like in Cuba? And what… Read More »

U.S. Rating Agencies Part I

The three major US rating agencies – Standard & Poor’s , Moody’s and Fitch – often appear in the media picture. We see this especially when the politicians in a state are angry after being downgraded, be it Greece, France, Portugal or others. There are whispers about conspiracies and American domination. These private companies give… Read More »

U.S. Rating Agencies Part II

4: Rating agencies and the financial crisis in 2007–2008 In the decade before the crisis broke out, a large, new market emerged in so-called structured savings product or debt product. In essence, a number of housing loans and other loans were collected in packages and then divided into groups (transjar) according to risk level. After… Read More »

U.S. Rating Agencies Part III

Still, there is no doubt that rating agencies are as powerful as many critics want them to be. During the euro crisis, it has so far appeared that the rating agencies have constantly been in “arrears”. They downgrade countries only after investors have already “priced in” the new risk picture. This means that they have… Read More »

From Polarization to Violent Rebellion Part II

4: Mobilization of extremes The United States, a country located in North America according to Itypetravel, has only two parties of national importance, and they have traditionally been very complex. When parties have to respond to several groups of voters with different interests and values, they tend to become more moderate because they have to… Read More »

From Polarization to Violent Rebellion Part I

The storming of the US Congress is often referred to as the result of polarization. But what exactly is polarization, and in what ways can this term explain the chaos surrounding the US election? What is polarization? How is the term used to explain the situation in the United States? What different types of polarization… Read More »

Trump or Biden Part II

4: Follows for Norway For Norway, a change of president is probably an advantage. This is despite the fact that Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Trump seem to get along well. The relationship between the USA and Norway is well taken care of and is on a benign track, especially after the successful summit in… Read More »

Trump or Biden Part I

The US presidential election is a gigantic international event. But does it matter to us Norwegians who wins? What is at stake when Americans go to the polls? What role do lobbyists and money play in American politics? What does the US election mean for us here in Norway? And further, what does it mean… Read More »

Costa Rica Economy and Culture

(República de Costa Rica). State of Central America (51,102 km²). Capital: San José. Administrative division: provinces (7). Population: 4,381,987 (2008 estimate). Language: Spanish. Religion: Catholics 88%, others 4%. Monetary unit: colón (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.847 (50th place). Borders: Nicaragua (N), Antillean Sea (NE), Panama (SE), Pacific Ocean (SW and W). Member of: OAS,… Read More »

Trinidad and Tobago Geography

For information and statistics see country facts. Geography Location The island of Trinidad (4 828 km 2), 15 km off the Venezuelan coast (Orinoco Delta), is crossed by three west-east mountain ranges (continuation of the Venezuelan coastal cordillera); the northern crystalline mountain range in Cerro del Aripo reaches 940 m above sea level. In the… Read More »