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Nigeria Presidents and Prime Ministers

National Flag of Nigeria According to aceinland, the national flag of Nigeria is a horizontal tricolor of green, white, and green. The green color at the top and bottom of the flag represent the rich natural resources found in the country, while the white in the middle stands for peace and unity. The two green… Read More »

Kenya Presidents and Prime Ministers

National Flag of Kenya According to aceinland, the national flag of Kenya is a vibrant and meaningful symbol of the country’s history and culture. The red, white, green, and black stripes represent the four largest ethnic groups in the country: the Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, and Kalenjin peoples. This symbolizes unity between all of Kenya’s peoples.… Read More »

Morocco Mountains, Rivers and Lakes

According to, Morocco is a country located in the northwestern corner of Africa. It is bordered by Algeria to the east, Western Sahara to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The northern part of Morocco is mountainous, with the Rif Mountains running along its Mediterranean coast. The Atlas Mountains stretch across… Read More »

Mombasa, Kenya

Mombassa is the second largest city in Kenya and the main port on the East African coast. Thanks to its unique coastal scenery and a strip of coral reef with a length of almost 480 km, it has become the most popular seaside resort in the country. According to cachedhealth, Mombasa is built on an… Read More »

El Hoceima, Morocco

According to wholevehicles, El Hoceima is a coastal Moroccan city at the foot of the Rif ridge – relatively young, it was founded in the early 20th century. But despite this, it bears the title of one of the most picturesque in Morocco. Antique Andalusian-style architecture, beige “walls” of mountains and azure waters of the… Read More »

Nigeria Market Opportunities

Covid-19 hit Nigeria about a month behind Europe. However, the Nigerian economy has already been affected by the drop in world oil prices as a result of the OPEC+ talks in March. The pandemic has forced Nigerian authorities to make unplanned spending and economic policy changes, but these will be limited by soaring inflation and… Read More »

Tourism in Reunion, France

According to, Reunion Island is a piece of France in the Indian Ocean. In any city of Reunion, there are chic colonial mansions, all signs are written in French, and the service does not lag behind the European one. The main attraction of the island is its nature. The centuries-old activity of the Reunion… Read More »

Brief Information About Africa

Even in the 21st century, Africa is an incomprehensible and mysterious continent for many travelers from Europe. North America and Asia. Indeed, even scientists who have lived for many years on the “Black Continent” do not always understand the traditions, customs and cultural characteristics of African peoples. See Africa abbreviations. It should be concluded that Africa… Read More »

Economy and Education of Nigeria

Economy The manufacturing industry is based on the principle of import substitution and is mainly limited to the production of consumer goods. Taking into account the high import component in raw materials and semi-finished products (about 60%), in the last two decades, the capacities of manufacturing enterprises have been used by 25-30%. These include car… Read More »

Visa to Kenya

Attention! due to the epidemiological situation in the world, entry to Kenya on any type of visa for a citizen of other states is limited. According to A2zgov, to enter Kenya, citizens of Ukraine need to apply for a visa to Kenya. Tour operator Cities Travel will help you quickly get an electronic visa to… Read More »

Egypt Hydrography

According to localcollegeexplorer, the climatic conditions of Egypt are not such as to allow the formation of perennial streams. The Nile, the only river that crosses the country, is not fed by the rains that have fallen locally but draws its waters from the great lakes of central Africa and from the mountains of Ethiopia,… Read More »

Ethiopia Explorations

Leaving aside the uncertain and confused notifications of Ethiopia in antiquity and which, moreover, were limited to the coastal region of the Aksumite kingdom, it can be said that in the Middle Ages the first information was that which Marco Polo reported to us from an indirect source. Italian missionaries and merchants frequented the country… Read More »

Egypt Economic Conditions in the 1950’s

The economic and social policy of the regime established in 1952 is defined by the government as the tendency to build “a socialist, democratic and cooperative society”. To contribute to the development of the economy, a Permanent National Productivity Council was created in 1952 and various measures were adopted since then, starting with the agrarian… Read More »

Ethiopia Religion – Historical Outline

Religion of Abyssinia in the middle of the century. IV. – Christianity was introduced in Abyssinia around 330-350 of the Common Era. The vast majority of the residents of the country were then formed by a branch of the Cushitic race, the Agau, who probably had assimilated the very ancient natives of the Negro race.… Read More »

Tunisia Modern History

The ethnic composition of Tunisia was partially modified in the 16th-18th centuries due to the arrival of Turks and Levantines and their union with the women of the country; groups of Q ū l ō ghli(as those born of these unions were called) were formed in Tunis and its surroundings, in Bizerte, Monastīr, al-Mahdiyyah. In… Read More »

Algeria History – The Kabylia

First of all, it is necessary to examine separately the sector of Kabylia, which is the most mountainous part of the Tell, and where the highest peak, which reaches 2308 meters, rises in the Djurdjura. But here the mountains are, more than anything else, massive. The most famous landscapes are a few throats (gorges) dug… Read More »

Morocco in the 1990’s

In the first half of the nineties there was a cautious but progressive opening of the regime towards the opposition in Morocco, accompanied by amnesty measures for the numerous political prisoners, mostly Islamist militants detained without trial. In 1995 the return to Morocco of two eminent opposition figures, first the leader of the Socialist Union… Read More »

South Africa in the 2000’s

The 20th century ended in the South Africa with the handover between N. Mandela, the charismatic president of the end of apartheid and the advent of democracy, and T. Mbeki, an experienced and pragmatic politician, a protagonist of the liberation struggle, who assumed the charged June 16, 1999. Mandela’s retirement, with its explicit connotation of… Read More »

Tanzania Economy Sectors

ECONOMY: AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK AND FISHING Agriculture occupies the majority of the active population, participating for almost 27% in the formation of the national income. However, arable and arborescent crops have at their disposal a very small portion of the territorial surface (5.6%). The best soils are destined for export crops. Coffee is in great demand,… Read More »

Working and Living in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco shows very many differences in nature and settlement. Worth mentioning are the coastal regions by the sea, interesting mountain ranges (e.g. Atlas Mountains) and the Sahara. The main tourist attractions are the royal cities of Fès, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat, which for a time were the capital of one of the… Read More »

Comoros Economy

Completely neglected by the French government and reached independence without any basic structure capable of achieving a minimum of economic self-sufficiency, the Comoros are one of the states, among the many small ones freed from the colonial regime, with a weaker economy. The loss of Mayotte, the richest island of the archipelago, still administered by… Read More »


Background According to electronicsencyclopedia, the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) is an international organization. Please note: The status of the OSCE under international law is unclear or controversial. The OSCE therefore consciously speaks of “participating states” and not of member states. Goals Original goals Contribution to easing the tension between East and West, primarily… Read More »

Safari & Mount Longonot, Kenya

Recharge and pepper before a day trip on Mt. Longonot with animal safari experiences in Lake Navasha, Lake Nakuru, Crater Lake and Kenya’s famous Masai Mara National Park. Along the way, spend the night in tents at a local Masai village in the Masai Mara Conservancy. The safari takes you to Hells Gate National Park, where you ride… Read More »

Trekking on Mount Kenya

Pulling up to the top of Mount Kenya is an African experience to say the least beyond the ordinary. The road from the tropical lowlands to a snow-capped mountain peak is truly as varied as a magnificent trip. Visit cancermatters for more about Kenya. Trekking on Mount Kenya A trek on Mount Kenya is an absolute highlight… Read More »

Liberia Overview

Liberia, officially English Republic of Liberia [r ɪ p ʌ bl ɪ k əv la ɪ b ɪ əriə], German Republic, Liberia country in West Africa, with (2019) 4.9 million residents; The capital is Monrovia. Location Liberia borders the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest, Sierra Leone in the northwest, Guinea in the north, and the… Read More »

The Best of Kenya & Tanzania

Get the most unforgettable experiences of Tanzania and Kenya’s best national parks and climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. On this trip you will experience the Kenyan capital Nairobi, where a private guide will show you some of the city’s highlights including visits to the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, AFEW Giraffe Center, Kazuri Bead Workshop and Karen… Read More »

Backpackers Safari in Kenya

East Africa – Combine an active and expensive budget safari in Kenya with Zanzibar’s beaches. On the trip you cycle through Hell’s Gate National Park, hike the crater of Mount Longonot and live in a camping tent in a local Maasai village. See loverists for more about Kenya. Join us on an adventurous day trip on the… Read More »

Three Generation Trip – Safari & Beach Life in Kenya

This three-generation round trip combines a family-friendly budget safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve with a beach holiday in your own villa at Diani Beach. On the safari you will experience the best of Kenya’s unique wildlife and then the Indian Ocean will set the tone for an exotic beach holiday at Kenya’s best beach… Read More »

Sudan History

The elections of May 1986 brought the Umma party of Sadia el Mahdi, who became prime minister, to power, while the presidency passed to Ahmed Ali el Mirghani. shari’ah) and a broad autonomy of the southern regions, was severely exacerbated, causing the rapid disintegration of the social and productive fabric, and with this of the… Read More »

Chad Culture and Literature

CULTURE The oldest settlement groups in the area were the so-called Chado-Hamites, represented by the Haussa and the Kotoko, the latter heirs of the ancient legendary population of the Sao, of which archaeological research has revealed interesting remains in the field of ceramics and in that of metallurgy. Subsequently, Chad was above all a transit… Read More »