Brussels Travel Guide

By | March 30, 2021

With its central location in the middle of Belgium, Brussels is the country’s capital. But it is not just for their own country that the city is important – it is here that almost the whole of Europe and the EU region are governed from its headquarters. Other bodies such as NATO are also located here, so that Brussels is not only a city that has been historically important, but which with its central European role is perhaps most important to this day.

Like most European capitals, Brussels also has tourist attractions in the form of historic buildings and palaces. The city is home to more than a million inhabitants, but receives millions of visitors every year, either in the form of tourists or visitors who come for business. Apart from diplomacy and politics, the city is also known for everything from comics to luxury restaurants, as well as a lovely summer climate during the summer.


Recommended hotels in Brussels

  • Made in Louise-Elegant and stylish hotel in quiet and peaceful surroundings. The hotel is centrally located within walking distance of the center of Brussels. You will find many cozy restaurants and cafés in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Good service and nice rooms.
  • Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe- Nice four star hotel right near the Grand Palace (1 minute walk). The hotel is centrally located but at the same time in a quiet area. Modern hotel with good feedback.
  • Thon Hotel EULocated close to all EU institutions, this hotel is well-suited for a business trip. Good standard with good breakfast.

Travel to Brussels

Brussels is one of the European capitals that can be easily reached by plane from Oslo Airport every single day. There are up to several direct flights daily, and the prices are not too bad either. The flight also takes just under two hours, so Brussels is an excellent place for a long weekend . As the capital of the whole of Europe, the euro is of course the official currency in Brussels and Belgium in general. One euro corresponds to just over eight Norwegian kroner.

While air fares to Brussels are usually low, the price level in the country is not as low. The city’s central role in modern times has sent prices skyrocketing, and Norwegians will not find it particularly cheap to holiday in the center of Brussels. In any case, the prices are lower than in Norway, and it is often the quality that reflects the price here. As a tourist, you travel mostly very safely in Brussels, but you should be aware of pickpockets where many tourists travel. It is no problem to drink tap water in hotels.

Hotels and restaurants in Brussels

With so many conferences and important meetings in Brussels, it can be difficult to find accommodation in the city center at times. However, this does not apply to the cheaper tourist hotels, but these can also be fully booked in high season. In any case, accommodation will not be particularly cheap in Brussels, especially if you are staying in the most popular tourist area near the Grand Palace.

Belgian cuisine has by no means made a name for itself on an international basis, but is locally known for very good seafood. In any case, Brussels has emerged as a very modern “gourmet city”, with luxurious restaurants almost next door. It will usually cost to eat here, but then you get in return very high quality for the money. Of course, there are also a number of simpler eateries for you who do not want to slim down your wallet too much.

Attractions in Brussels

Brussels has become a popular weekend destination for Norwegians, much thanks to cheap airline tickets and many delicious restaurants for those who want to enjoy themselves extra on holiday. The city also has a rich history that is reflected through architecture and museums.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace


The Grand Palace itself is the most important building and the biggest tourist attraction in Brussels. It is one of the most striking constructions ever made by man, and is a giant castle complex in the center of the city. In front of the castle is also a giant marketplace, where it feels as if you have traveled back in time. Here you can spend at least a full day of your stay in Brussels.

Koekelberg Basilica

Koekelberg Basilica

This cathedral is definitely the largest in the city, and in fact the fifth largest in the entire world. It is 89 meters high and offers a stunning view of Brussels. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, but was not completed until as late as 1971, just in time to mark Belgium’s independence.

Museums in Brussels

Museum goers will find a lot of fun in Brussels. The Royal Museum exhibits works of art from around the world, and was actually founded by Napoleon. A more modern museum was added in 1984, and extends over eight floors with works of art that are up to 600 years old. If you are interested in comics, Brussels has its own museum for this, where you will be taken on a historical journey within this genre.

Bruparck – miniature of Europe

Bruparck - miniature of Europe

Bruparck is a simpler amusement park that extends over 25 hectares, and which is a miniature of the whole of Europe. Here are iconic reconstructions of European monuments, as well as entertainment attractions for children and young people.

Shopping in Brussels

Shopping in Brussel

Brussels is also a popular shopping destination, and if you travel on a love trip, you can hardly miss a trip to the city’s largest shopping center. If you like antique and unique objects, you will also be able to find a lot in the local markets. There are many markets in the city, and Place du Grand Sablon is the place to shop if you want to make unique bargains.



The Atomium is a large sculpture that was made for the world exhibition that took place in Brussels in 1958. It is a full 103 meters high and it is possible for tourists to get to the top of the monument. The Atomium is often referred to as the Brussels Eiffel Tower and is a very popular tourist attraction.