Big Bend Park, Texas

By | June 16, 2022

Big Bend Park (Texas, USA) – exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes.

In the very south of Texas, where the night sky is black as coal, and rivers have been carving intricate sculptures from rocks for thousands of years, there is one of the most inaccessible, but no less beautiful US national parks, Big Bend. It got its name because of the 90-degree turn that the Rio Grande makes, turning towards the Gulf of Mexico through the mountains of San Vicente and the Sierra del Carmen. Here, on the quiet outskirts of the country, hundreds of species of birds and about 1200 plants have found their home – an incredible variety! Such a wealth of fauna and flora is due to the presence of three ecosystems in the reserve at once: mountains, deserts and rivers. See topschoolsoflaw for brief history of Hawaii.

What to see and do

Most of the park is occupied by the Chihuahua Desert, covered with creosote bushes, cacti, lechuguya, yucca and agave. And in the middle of it flows the Rio Grande with luxurious green floodplains. She seems to be on her own mind and teasing rich vegetation in front of a dry Chihuahua. The Chisos Mountains also distinguished themselves: due to the fact that at an altitude of 20 ° C colder than in the desert, pines, junipers and oaks make their way through the rocks, among which deer, cougars, and bears have found their homes.

Sometimes the desert comes to life, it happens in March-April. People from all over America come to see how dry streams fill with water, and how cacti bloom. The peak of this celebration of life lasts only 2 weeks, so closer to spring it is better to check with the administration for specific dates. After these two weeks, the desert remains covered with a flowering carpet, but its brightness gradually decreases.

Visitors to Big Bend go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, driving cars, fishing – whatever you like. In total, there are 380 km of walking trails, of which 110 km are for off-road vehicles. As elsewhere in America, the park has excellent infrastructure: many places for barbecues, small cafes, campsites.

A place for a tent costs 10-20 USD per night. Motorhomes are also allowed in the park. In addition, you can stay in one of the cottages or rooms of the Chisos Mountains Hotel, the only one in Big Bend. Many spend the night in the nearest town of Marathon (60 km).

Practical Information

Address: Texas, Alpine, Main Park Avenue. Website (in English).

Usually, people go to the park through the city of Marathon, immediately after it begins Highway No. 385 leading to the visitor center. Big Bend Park is open around the clock and all year round. Entrance: 25 USD per car, 15 USD per motorcycle or bicycle, tickets are valid for 7 days. The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park

Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park (Arlington, Texas, USA) – detailed description, address and photo. Tourist reviews of the best things to do in Arlington, TX.

Today, Six Flags is a chain of amusement parks, of which Arlington was the first. This is a theme park with an area of ​​​​more than 85 hectares, which opened in 1961. The park was built in just a year and has been constantly expanded and improved since the opening. Today it is visited daily by thousands of guests.

The history of the park begins with a visit to California Disneyland by a successful Arlington businessman, Angus Wynn Jr. In his hometown, Wynn decided to arrange something similar and got down to business immediately. In search of a name, he settled on a historical fact: throughout its existence, the state of Texas has been under six different governments: Spain, France, Mexico, the American Confederation, was the Republic of Texas, and finally became part of the United States.

Legend has it that Wynn originally wanted to name the park “Texas Under Six Flags,” but his patriotic wife, an active member of the Daughters of the Texas Republic, objected: “Texas is not ‘under’ anyone!” So the name was changed, but the general idea was preserved: later other themed attractions appeared in the park, but the zones of each six have been preserved here today.

The Titan slide is the tallest (75 m) and fastest (38 m/s) slide in Texas.

At the time of its opening, Six Flags Over Texas amusement park had 46 rides. And in the very first season of work, 550 thousand visitors visited here.

The park holds several records and achievements. In particular, it became the first amusement park to introduce a single ticket price system. In addition, Six Flags Over Texas was also the first to put on a Broadway-style show (as early as the opening year); the first place where boat slides appeared; the first place where an underground train was launched. The Titan slide is the tallest (75 m) and fastest (38 m/s) slide in Texas. The largest ground-based “oil rig” (100 m) also appeared here. In 1999, the Texas Giant won the World’s Best Wooden Rollercoaster award, and 12 years later it won the Best New Rollercoaster.

At Six Flags, you should definitely try their signature Flags Famous Funnel Cakes. “Funnel Pie” is a kind of analogue of our “Anthill” or “Khvorost”, which in the USA is traditionally prepared at fairs, carnivals, sporting events and resort places.

Throughout the year, Six Flags hosts a number of events. In March, it all starts with the “Spring Break” with many attractions, games, concerts and other outdoor entertainment. “Breakthrough” usually lasts a couple of weeks, timed to coincide with the holidays at local schools. This tradition began back in 1984. Then, in April, the Latino festival takes place in the park: many art and craft workshops and stalls open here, dance and sing something Spanish-Latin American, and also cook fajitos, sweet corn in abundance., churros and tacos. Latina Fest has been held in the park since 2006.

In October, in the area of ​​​​Halloween, the time of the “Terrible Fest” comes. Initially, it was only one “terrible” night, but everyone liked it so much that today the whole month becomes “terrible”. Haunted houses, labyrinths of fear are opened in the park, ghouls roam the territory, and frightening music plays everywhere. Finally, since 1985, Six Flags has hosted the most popular event, the Feast in the Park, which begins at the end of November and lasts throughout December. Hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights hang from trees and rides, and guests can ride from the snowy mountain, have fun at the fair, and feast on Christmas treats.

Practical Information

Address: 2201 Road to Six Flags.

The park is located halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, at the intersection of Interstate 30 and Highway 360 (Angus Wynn Freeway).

Opening hours: The park operates according to a schedule depending on the season and day of the week. The usual opening hours for weekdays are from 10:30 to 18:00, for weekends from 10:30 or 11:00 to 22:00.

Entrance: USD 64.99 daily ticket for adults, for small groups USD 38.50.


The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Big Bend Park, Texas