Basel-Stadt, Switzerland

By | November 25, 2021

Basel-Stadt is a Swiss canton. In other words, the canton of Basel-Stadt is one of the half-cantons. Basel-Stadt is part of the Swiss Confederation. The capital of the canton Basel-Stadt is.
Compared to the other cantons, Basel-Stadt is the smallest but also the most densely populated.

The area around Basel-Stadt

Basel-Stadt consists of Basel and the municipalities of Riehen and Bettingen. The canton of Basel-Stadt is located in the north-western part of Switzerland. As the area of ​​the canton lies today and the borders are drawn, Basel-Stadt was created in 1833. This happened when the canton of Basel was separated from today’s canton of Basel-Landschaft due to the separation of the canton at that time. In the constitution of Basel-Stadt there was an article on reunificationfor a very long time . But all attempts so far have failed. This reunification article came to an end in 2006. It was simply dropped and no longer exists in the constitution of the canton of Basel-Stadt.

Since Basel makes up the largest part of Basel-Stadt as a canton, the history of both is similar and for the most part congruent.

Tourist destination Basel-Stadt

Basel-Stadt is one of the cantons that are very well positioned from a tourist point of view. Young travel groups will find enough accommodation in the youth hostels. Also noble luxury hotels for the more upscale society can be found in Basel-Stadt. So every need is catered for. In addition, Basel-Stadt offers a number of activities and excursions for tourists.

The sights of Basel-Stadt include the beautiful old town, the Basel Minster and the St. Chrischona TV tower. Many newer buildings are also among the sights, as they were built and designed by important architects. The Basel Zoo is especially in summer, a crowd puller and the tri-border region is particularly attractive in the Fasnacht many visitors. The numerous museums are also worth a visit.

Art in Basel-Stadt

Basel-Stadt is a household name for art lovers. Here you will find numerous world-famous exhibitions by internationally known artists. For example, the collection of the Fondation Beyeler is located here. The collections of the Tinguely Museum or the Basler Art Museum are also known across the country for their special exhibitions. Art Basel also takes place in Basel-Stadt. This is a recognized and one of the most important art fairs in the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Basel-Stadt, Switzerland