Barbers Point, Hawaii Weather

By | August 15, 2023

Barbers Point, located on the western coast of the island of Oahu in Hawaii, experiences a tropical climate characterized by warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and a consistent trade wind pattern. The region’s climate is influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the presence of mountains, and the trade winds that blow from the northeast.

The overall weather in Barbers Point is pleasant and mild throughout the year, with little seasonal variation in temperatures. Average temperatures range from the low 70s Fahrenheit (around 22 degrees Celsius) in the cooler months to the high 80s Fahrenheit (around 31 degrees Celsius) in the warmer months. The hottest period is typically during the summer from June to September.

One of the defining features of the climate in Barbers Point is its high levels of sunshine. The region enjoys an average of 250 days of sunshine per year, making it a popular destination for those seeking warm and sunny weather. The clear skies and abundant sunshine create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, perfect for outdoor activities and beachgoers.

The trade winds play a crucial role in Barbers Point’s climate. These winds blow consistently from the northeast, moderating temperatures and creating a refreshing breeze. The trade winds bring moisture from the ocean, which can result in occasional showers, especially during the winter months. These brief showers are typically followed by clear skies and warm temperatures.

The rainfall in Barbers Point is relatively low compared to other parts of the island. The region receives an average of 20 to 30 inches (50 to 75 cm) of rainfall annually, with the wettest months occurring from November to March. These showers are usually short-lived, and the sun quickly reemerges after the rain, allowing for outdoor activities to resume.

The ocean surrounding Barbers Point is warm throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s Fahrenheit (around 24 degrees Celsius) in the winter to the low 80s Fahrenheit (around 27 degrees Celsius) in the summer. This makes it an ideal location for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Barbers Point is also known for its beautiful sunsets. The unobstructed views of the horizon and the Pacific Ocean provide the perfect backdrop for vibrant and breathtaking sunsets. The combination of clear skies, warm temperatures, and refreshing trade winds creates an idyllic setting for watching the sun dip below the horizon.

In conclusion, Barbers Point, Hawaii, boasts a tropical climate with warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and refreshing trade winds. The region experiences mild and consistent weather throughout the year, with little seasonal variation in temperatures. The trade winds bring occasional showers, but they are typically short-lived, allowing for plenty of outdoor activities. With its stunning sunsets, warm ocean temperatures, and picturesque landscapes, Barbers Point offers a paradise-like climate for residents and visitors alike.

City Facts, Schools, and Transportation in Barbers Point, Hawaii

According to itypeauto, Barbers Point, also known as Kalaeloa, is a small community located on the southwestern side of the island of Oahu in Hawaii. With its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage, Barbers Point offers a unique and vibrant living experience. Let’s take a closer look at the city facts, schools, and transportation in this charming Hawaiian community.

City Facts: Barbers Point was originally a military airfield, but it has since been transformed into a mixed-use community. It is named after Captain Henry Barber, a Navy aviator who lost his life during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The area is known for its warm climate, with temperatures ranging from 75°F to 85°F year-round. The community is nestled between the stunning Pacific Ocean and the majestic Waianae Mountain Range, offering breathtaking natural beauty.

Schools: According to topschoolsintheusa, Barbers Point is part of the Hawaii Department of Education’s school district. The community is served by several public and private schools that provide quality education to its residents. Some notable public schools in the area include Barbers Point Elementary School, Kapolei Middle School, and Kapolei High School. These schools offer a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded education for students of all ages.

Transportation: Getting around Barbers Point is convenient and hassle-free. The community is well-connected by a network of roads, making it easy to access nearby cities and attractions. The main highway in the area is the Farrington Highway, which connects Barbers Point to other parts of Oahu. Public transportation options include bus services operated by TheBus, which provide reliable and affordable transportation throughout the island.

For those who prefer to drive, there are ample parking facilities available in and around the community. The proximity of Barbers Point to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, located just 15 miles away, makes air travel accessible for both domestic and international trips. Additionally, the nearby H-1 freeway provides convenient access to the vibrant city of Honolulu and its various amenities.

In terms of recreational activities, Barbers Point offers a wide range of options. The community is home to several beautiful beaches, including White Plains Beach and Nimitz Beach. These beaches provide residents with opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and various water sports. The area also features numerous hiking trails, allowing nature enthusiasts to explore the stunning landscapes of the Waianae Mountain Range.

Overall, Barbers Point, Hawaii, offers a unique living experience with its beautiful surroundings, quality schools, and convenient transportation options. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the area or seeking a peaceful and family-friendly community, Barbers Point provides a charming and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.