Ashton, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 17, 2023

Ashton, Idaho is situated in the south-central portion of the state, bordered by several other cities and towns. To the north lies Rexburg, a growing city with a population of over 25,000 people. Founded in 1883 by Mormon settlers, Rexburg is home to Brigham Young University-Idaho, making it a popular destination for students and faculty alike. Just to the east of Ashton lies St. Anthony, a smaller city of about 4,000 people. St. Anthony is known for its historical sites and scenic beauty, including two national historic sites – the Oregon Trail Center and Fort Henry – as well as nearby Bear Lake State Park and Cache National Forest. Further east lies Rigby, another small town with a population of just over 5,000 people. Rigby is best known for its agricultural heritage; it’s home to many farms and ranches that produce various crops such as wheat and potatoes. Finally, to the south lies Idaho Falls, a larger city with more than 60,000 residents. Idaho Falls is home to many attractions such as the Museum of Idaho and Snake River Greenbelt Park; it also serves as an important economic hub for eastern Idaho with its many businesses and industries.

Population of Ashton, Idaho

Ashton, Idaho is a small city located in the south-central portion of the state. According to the 2018 U.S. Census, Ashton had a population of 1,945 people, making it one of the smallest cities in Idaho. The population is relatively young; nearly 30% of Ashton’s residents are under 18 years old, while only 8% are over 65 years old. The median age is 25 years old, which is well below the national average of 37 years old.

The gender makeup in Ashton is split almost evenly between males and females; 50% are male and 50% are female. Additionally, the racial makeup is predominantly White (87%) with small percentages of other races such as Native American (2%), African American (1%), Asian (3%), and Hispanic or Latino (7%).

The majority of Ashton’s population speaks English as their primary language (96%). Other languages spoken include Spanish (2%), German (0.7%), French (0.2%) and Navajo (0.1%).

The city also has a high rate of homeownership; around 70% of Ashton’s population owns their own home compared to just 63% nationwide. This indicates that many people choose to stay in the city for long periods of time due to its sense of community and stability.

Schools and Education in Ashton, Idaho

Ashton, Idaho is home to several schools and educational institutions. The city has two public elementary schools, one public middle school, and one public high school; all of which are part of the Fremont County Joint District. These schools provide a comprehensive education to students in grades K-12, with a curriculum that focuses on both academics and extracurricular activities. The district also offers special education programs for students with disabilities as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for non-native English speakers. Check searchforpublicschools for Idaho public schools by county.

In addition to the public schools, Ashton also has one private school: St. Mary’s Catholic School. This parochial school provides an education in the Roman Catholic tradition and serves students from preschool through eighth grade.

The city is also home to Brigham Young University – Idaho, a four-year university offering bachelor’s degrees in many different fields of study such as business, engineering, education, and agriculture. Additionally, BYU-Idaho offers several online degree programs for students who wish to pursue higher education without having to relocate or commute long distances.

Ashton is proud of its educational system and strives to ensure that all students receive the best possible learning experience regardless of their background or income level. The city regularly holds events such as career fairs and college prep workshops in order to help guide young people towards their desired career paths or college goals.

Ashton, Idaho

Places of Interest in Ashton, Idaho

Ashton, Idaho is a small town with plenty of things to do and see. From outdoor activities to cultural attractions, the city has something for everyone.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ashton offers several parks and recreational areas. The Ashton City Park is a great spot for hiking, picnicking, or playing sports such as basketball or tennis. The park also has playgrounds and a large pond where visitors can fish or feed the ducks. The nearby Ashton Recreational Area offers camping sites as well as trails for horseback riding and mountain biking.

Those looking to explore the city’s cultural heritage can visit the Ashton Historical Museum which features artifacts from the area’s past, including Native American artifacts such as arrowheads and pottery. Another popular attraction is the Crystal Theatre which hosts live music performances from local bands and musicians throughout the year.

For those seeking some retail therapy, Ashton offers several shopping options ranging from small boutique stores to larger chain stores like Walmart and Target. There are also several restaurants in the downtown area that serve up delicious local cuisine such as steakhouse favorites like prime rib and seafood dishes like crab cakes.

No matter what your interests may be, there’s always something to do in Ashton! With its friendly atmosphere and variety of attractions, it’s easy to see why this small Idaho town is such a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.