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Tonga Population

People in Tonga

The people of Tonga are called Tongans. 108,000 inhabitants are distributed over the small islands. Many of Tonga's original residents also live abroad (see Why do people of Tonga migrate? ).

The second largest population in Tonga are Chinese. These often open small shops and are very enterprising. The locals don't always like this.

Along with Samoa and Fiji, Tonga is one of the longest-populated areas in central Polynesia. By the way, the name Tonga means "south". If you look at the map, this can be understood.

98 out of 100 people are Polynesians. Most of the people live on the largest island, which is called Tongatapu, about a third of all residents of Tonga.

Languages in Tonga

They speak Tongan, but also English.

Religions in Tonga

Most of the residents are Christians, although there are several churches here, almost a third profess to be part of the official state church of the Free Wesleyan Church. The royal family is also a member of this church. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved