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Samoa Population

People in Samoa

The native population are Samoans. This includes 92 out of 100 people who live in Samoa. You belong to the Polynesians. There are also people of European descent. There are also many people here who have German ancestors, because Samoa was once a German colony.

Typical for Samoa is the cohesion of families and life in village communities (see Everyday Life: Typical Samoa). A leader is chosen for each village who is also responsible for the problems of the village.

The largest city in the country and also the capital is Apia and is located in the north of the island of Upolu. Most of the population lives on this island. Most of the people settle on the narrow, fertile coastline in the north and west of the island.

In the meantime, however, many Samoan residents are leaving their islands in order to find better living conditions and, above all, work in New Zealand or Australia. More than 150,000 Samoans now live abroad and the number continues to rise.

Languages in Samoa

The main speakers in Samoa are Samoan and English.

Religions in Samoa

With the appearance of the Europeans, many inhabitants of the islands turned - more or less voluntarily - to the Christian faith. So today 99 out of 100 residents are baptized Christian. However, there are different churches to which the people are divided. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved