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Malawi Population

People in Malawi

Wouldn't you like to travel to a country known as the "warm heart of Africa "? The "warm heart of Africa" ​​is so called because the people there should be so friendly.

About 16 million people live in Malawi. As in many other African countries, the population is very young. In Germany there are more old people than young people and people are getting older. In Africa it is often the other way around. More young people live there than old people. Unfortunately for so many people there is often no work and not enough to eat. 84 out of 100 people in Malawi live in rural areas. So only 16 out of 100 inhabitants live in a city.

Flaming water

Most of the people belong to the Bantu peoples. 49 out of 100 people belong to the Maravi, who are composed of several subgroups. The Chewa is the largest group among them. 16 out of 100 inhabitants belong to the Lomwe and 13 out of 100 to the Yao. Ngoni, Sena and Ngondo are minorities.

By the way, the name Malawi means "flaming water" when translated. Since the light breaks again and again on Lake Malawi and there are great light reflections, the term probably goes back to this.

Languages in Malawi

The official language in Malawi is English. Chichewa is the national language. Chichewa is the language of the Chewa people. Half of the population speaks it as their mother tongue. But it also serves to communicate with different ethnic groups. Chichewa is one of the Bantu languages. Other Bantu languages ​​are spoken regionally. These are, for example, Lomwe (the language of the Lomwe) or Chiyao (the language of the Yao).

Religions in Malawi

Many people in Malawi are Christians. The numbers fluctuate, but it's definitely the majority - around 70 out of 100 people. 20 out of 100 are Muslims. The religions live together peacefully and there are no major conflicts. The Malawians often still live their traditional beliefs. They believe in ghosts and ancient rituals. The cult of the dead, the worship of the dead, also plays a major role. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved