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Libya Population

People in Libya

Although Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa, only a little over six million people live here. The population density is actually the third smallest in Africa after Namibia and Botswana. Most Libyans live on the coast. Only there are bigger cities. The population is very young: 33 percent are under 14 years old (in Germany: 13 percent).

Arabs and Berbers

Most of the Libyans are Arabs and Berbers. Many Arabs have Berber roots or are Arabized Berbers. Today only a minority of the population calls themselves Berber. Most of them live in the highlands of Jebel Nafusa in north-western Libya.

The Tuareg also belong to the Berbers. They live in the western Sahara of Libya, on the border with Algeria, partly as nomads.

The Tubu people belong to the minorities. They too are desert dwellers and live in the south, in the border area with Chad.

  • Children: Every woman in Libya has an average of 2.2 children. With us, every woman has an average of 1.4 children.
  • Urban and rural: 80 percent of Libya's residents live in cities. So 20 percent live in the country.

Languages in Libya

The official language in Libya is Arabic. This is standard Arabic. Most Libyans, however, speak one dialect in everyday life, Libyan Arabic. As a commercial language, you can sometimes hear Italian or English.

Minority languages ​​are the Berber languages. Most of Libya's Berbers live in the Nafusi Mountains and their language is called Nafusi. The Tuareg speak Tamascheq.

The Tubu in the Sahara speak Tedaga.

Religions in Libya

97 percent of the population are Muslims, so they belong to Islam. 0.7 percent are Christians, 0.3 percent Buddhists. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved