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Kuwait Population

Population Distribution

Total population 2,993,706
Population growth rate 1.27%
Birth rate 19.20 births per 1,000 population
Life expectancy  
Overall 77.46 years
Men 76.24 years
Women 78.75 years
Age structure  
0-14 years 24.81%
15-64 years 72.54%
65 years and above 2.66%
Median age 29.00 years
Gender ratio 1.43 M / F
Population density 168.02 residents per kmē
Urbanization 96.30%
(Z 2005) Qalīb asch-Schuyūkh 179425, As-Sālimīyah 145314, Hawallī 104901, Al-Kuwayt (Kuwait) 31574 (A 1.8 million)
approx. 36% Kuwait (including 150,000-180,000 Bedouins); 64% foreigners
Muslims 85% (Sunnis 45%, Shiites 40%), Christians, Hindu, Parsi, and others 15%
Human Development Index (HDI) 0.808
HDI ranking 57

People in Kuwait

Around 4.2 million people live in Kuwait. 96 out of 100 live in cities. Compared to other countries in the world, Kuwait has a very high number of people living in the city. And the city with the most residents is the capital Kuwait.

Locals and foreigners from all regions of the world

65 out of 100 Kuwait residents are foreigners. They often come from Arab countries, so a large proportion are Arabs. The rest often comes from Asia. Many of them are ordinary workers doing jobs that the Kuwaitis do not necessarily want to do. These often come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or the Philippen.

What are the names of the people of Kuwait?

The residents of Kuwait are called Kuwaitans, but one also hears the term "Kuwaiti (e) s". In Kuwait, for example, there are more than 120 different nationalities. In the meantime, however, attempts are being made to reduce the influx of workers from abroad. Only technicians and highly qualified workers from abroad should come and otherwise the positions should be filled by locals.

Many of the residents of Kuwait are Bedouins, who, like foreigners, often face disadvantages.

Languages in Kuwait

Arabic is the main language and Persian is the second language. English is used as the commercial language. We don't know in which language the two men are talking in the photo below.

Religions in Kuwait

Most of the people in Kuwait are Muslims and most of them live the Sunni faith. A third of Muslims are Shiites. The Islam is the state religion in Kuwait. A small proportion of Catholics live in Kuwait, as well as Hindus and Parsi, a religious group that originally came from India and Pakistan. Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved